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    Names for Triplet Girls!

    Thinking of names for my triplet girls, and I was thinking about the names Aoife (prn. EE-fa), Primrose, and Sonja. Are they a good trio, or since Aoife and Sonja rhyme, Prim will feel a little left out. Am I overreacting? Thanks for your help!! If you have any suggestions, they will be greatly appreciated!

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    I think Primrose is definitely an odd one out with Sonja and Aoife.
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    They do seem a bit mismatched--Aoife is Irish, Sonja is Russian, and Primrose is a lesser-used nature name... still, I really like them together! I absolutely adore Primrose and Sonja, and I think Aoife works well with it. Would any of them besides Primrose go by a nn? If Aoife went by Evie or something, I would think it would be a bit more evened out--Evie, Prim, and Sonja don't seem as matchy as Aoife, Prim, and Sonja might...

    Congratulations on your triplets! Good luck!
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    Why not choose a name like Isla, Primrose and Sonja. They match better, Isla has a similar sound to Aoife and would not be as difficult to spell. People will say "Ay-offee". It's too tricky even though it has a nice sound.

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    Sorry I dont really like any of them... i would say that Primrose wouls be the odd one out for sure
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