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    In my opinion, no it is not usable.
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    I haven't seen the show it is associated with, but even without knowing the pop culture ties I didn't like the look and sound of the name. It looks like a brand name and reminds me of kangaroos...just an awkward name in general. I wouldn't use it unless you really love it. it's not terrible in my opinion but not appealing either

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    I am not sure if anyone else has noticed this thread is really old?

    Anyway I wouldn't use Topanga because I think there will constantly be Boy Meets World references.
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    I like it. And the girl from Boy Meets World was really cool. Also, if you were to use it... only people from the generation before will associate it with Boy Meets World. That is not on TV anymore. I don't think they are even airing re-runs of that one. And if they are, who cares. I really like the name Kenobi for a boy but everyone tells me he will be teased and called Obi-wan Kenobi. But really, is that so bad. Obi-Wan Kenobi happens to be a legendary Jedi Knight. Not such a bad thing. Topanga was a really cool, pretty and smart girl - all good things!

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    use it if u want. its an interesting name. just think of nickanmes that she could be teased about in later years. yeah ppl will make the connection but alot of names come from tv. How did this name pop up? The only topanga ive heard of it from the show.

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