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    I don't think there is anything wrong with naming a child after a character or person whose characteristics you admire! Admittedly, you'll likely have to deal with the Boy Meets World associations from your own peers (but probably not hers!), so if that's a major concern, go for it as a mn instead. My daughter's name is Liesl, and although I sometimes have to deal with people mentioning The Sound of Music when I introduce her, it is worth it to have given her a name that I find both beautiful and meaningful. If Topanga is the same kind of name for you, I'd say go for it!
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    A very beautiful name. The only time I've heard it outside of Boy Meets World is on a gorgeous 11 year old Native American girl who lives in my neighborhood. I think it is useable if you really love it.

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    Not sure if its been mentioned, but kids very well may associate the name with tv, because the Disney Channel is making a sequel, Girl Meets World, about their children. I think the association is at least a good one, but I don't know hat I like the name in real life

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    Just like a few others have pointed out, there is a spin off coming out next year called Girl Meets World. It will have Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel reviving their roles as Cory and Topanga. I am sure that children who may have no idea what BMW is, will still know about GMW.

    BUT...maybe this show will bring the name into the spotlight? People are always looking for names that push the envelope and I could see Topanga rising in popularity as the show goes on.

    If you love it, use it, but realize that it will probably still be associated with Topanga Lawrence for another 20+ years with this spin off.
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    Isn't Boy Meets World coming back as Girl Meets World with a grown-up Topanga? I don't think it's out of popular culture yet =( I'd avoid it, but if you love it, you should have confidence in it and go for it. Maybe just sleep on it for a bit, and if you can't shake it, you still just love the name, go for it!

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