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    I always liked the name, and I've toyed with it as a middle in a few combinations. For me the Boy Meets World association is really strong, but its not like kids growing up today would make that association, so I don't think that's a reason to avoid it necessarily. Of course plenty of parents will, but as another poster said, she wasn't a villain or anything.

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    I think the Boy Meets World association is pretty much unavoidable, especially since they're making the spinoff show Girl Meets World, which is about Cory and Topanga's family...

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    I think its useable. The kids that your daughter will be growing up with probably wont even have a clue about the show Boy Meets World.

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    It doesn't bother me, but I didn't grow up with the show — and I'm sure children these days won't know who the character is, either.

    The kid's friend's parents and teachers might make the association, but his peers won't. So the risk of teasing won't be huge.
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    I think it's an awesome middle name.
    As a first, I'd say it's up there with Blossom as feeling both super hippy and super associated with a TV.

    If I met a kid with the name, I'd probably laugh and tell my family about it, but in all honesty I like it a lot more than a ton of the creative names and spellings out there, so I can't discourage it completely
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