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    I've never even heard of Boy Meets Girl (I'm from Mars), but I've lived very near Topanga Canyon. I would never use it as a name simply because I associate it with the place. For me, it's the same as Malibu.

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    I would have to agree with the others that it is just too soon to use the name because people of a certain age (30's) associate it so strongly with that show.

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    So torn over this: yes I think boy meets world but I have to agree with the pp that pointed out that soo many names come from movies or tv, why is this any different? The character I remember as being super smart and kind... On the flip side, it's a very unique name so the association may feel stronger. As long as you can deal with the frequent "oh like boy meets world?" I'd say go for it!

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    I've never watched it, did not even hear of it until yeah. I live in Aus, does that help?

    For me I would use it as a pets name, no offence, its cute but I wouldn't use it for a person.

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    I actually didn't even think of the TV show until you mentioned it. Our neighbor's daughter is 13 and her name is Topanga so that's what I immediately thought of. She's a super-sweet tomboy if that helps =)

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