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    I read a book with a minor character whose name was Amaryllis but she went by Rilly. I thought that was very cute.
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    So I absolutely adore the name Amaryllis as well! As far as nicknames, I love Amari. (prn uh-mahr-ee) Or just Mari if three syllables is still too much for a nickname. Not a fan of Amy because it's so typical that everyone would assume that's just their name. I liked Rylli at first, but to me it sounds too much like Really. You know? So Amari does the trick for me.

    By the way, from your signature I'm guessing you're a Les Miz fan?

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    I like Amy. =] You could use Aris/Arys. Also Ama, Mary, Lis, Lissy/Lissa, Ary/Arie/Airy, Arly/Arlie, Arlis/Arlys... many possibilities.

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    I knew of an Amaryllis who went by the NN "Amo" (pronounced "ammo" like short for ammunition)...she had a firecracker personality, so it fit her a lot more than a flower!
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    I'd go with "Rella" - I think it sounds (and looks) softer and sweeter than "Rilly" or "Rilla" which remind me of Gorilla.

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