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Thread: Chance Game!

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    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    I have not made any games in quite a while so I thought I would make some more Since it is Easter all the names will have Biblical/ religious roots

    DH: Joseph North
    DW: Virginia Joy

    1. If you have a Black, Brown, White, or Grey shirt on you have B/G. FN & MN come from:
    Name(s): Jericho Zion and Bethany Lystra

    If you are single, you have a boy. FN & MN come from:
    Names Nathaniel Eli

    3. If your name ends with a vowel or y you have twin girls. FNs & MNs come from:
    Names: Sunday Parasha and Anastasia Agnes

    If you have more girls than boys so far, you have a boy. FN and MN come from:
    Name(s): Breccan Oliver

    List your family here
    DH: Joseph North
    DW: Virginia Joy
    Jericho Zion
    Bethany Lystra
    Nathaniel Eli
    Sunday Parasha
    Anastasia Agnes
    Breccan Oliver

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    Katharine Eloise (9/99)
    Eleanor Alice (1/02)
    Miles Christopher (11/04)
    Penelope Olivia (3/06)

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    1. If you have on a Blue, Yellow, Red, or Green shirt you have a boy. FN & MN come from:
    If you have on any other color shirt, you do not have a child this time.
    Name(s): Micah Simon

    2. If you have a significant other you have a girl. FN & MN come from:
    Name: Phoebe Lydia

    3. If your name ends with a vowel or y you have twin girls. FNs & MNs come from:
    Names: Salome Butterfly and Acacia Daffodil

    4. If you have more girls than boys so far, you have a boy. FN and MN come from:
    Name(s): Elias Kiernan

    Micah Simon, 10: Brown hair/Brown eyes. Micah is a bookworm, and a little on the shy side. He adores his younger siblings, and loves teaching them new things. Micah has several great friends, and they all play Soccer together for the Bluejays.

    Phoebe Lydia, 8: Blonde hair/Brown eyes. Phoebe has a serious green thumb! Anything she plants seems to grow, and she loves being outdoors- climbing trees, birdwatching, anything. Phoebe also loves figure skating when she's not outdoors.

    Salome Butterfly, 6: Blonde hair/Blue eyes. Salome is the little girly-girl. She's always playing with my make-up and hosting tea parties for her large variety of stuffed animals. Salome also attends ballet class and swimming lessons.

    Acacia Daffodil, 6: Brown hair/Hazel eyes. Acacia is artistic to the maximum! She loves painting and sewing (with help) clothes for her barbie dolls. Acacia takes ballet and swim along side Salome, and is usually a lot more competitive and athletic.

    Elias Kiernan, 5: Brown hair/Blue eyes. He's our little energy ball! He plays pee-wee soccer on Saturdays, and loves to laugh and drive every one crazy. His favorite food is scrambled eggs with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

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