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    Yeah, I read somewhere that the pain isn't really from the pushing the baby part, it's more form the labor pains, which are due to your body changes. I am defiantly going to have an epidural and it's nice to know that it doesn't hurt afterwords. I was afraid it would still hurt while on the epidural and that it just minimized the pain. This makes me feel a lot better knowing that it won't hurt after the epidural. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I think I'll be able to relax more now. Although I am worried about vomiting. That's not something I really want my fiance' to see....

    For the shower, that's a good point. I think what we plan on doing is a double surprise. So when we send out the invites they will reveal that we are having a baby and that it's a girl. Then maybe we'll do the third surprise at the shower where we could do a guess what the baby's name is going to be. I think it would be a lot of fun. I also love throwing parties. But like I said earlier, we don't really want to expect anyone to bring gifts since it does seem kind of rude, so we're planning on making presents optional too.

    Yeah, I've had people tell me that I won't care about the gender when I find out because it would still be my baby no matter what. I just have a bit of a fear that I might be disappointed. We are planning on trying everything to get a girl since we both really want a girl. We're combining the Natural Planning and Chinese Gender Chart, and we also were thinking of adding on the Shettles method.

    Also thanks, it's nice to know that it's not crazy to wait till we know the gender and that we don't want our baby watched by other people. I am not too crazy leaving them with my fiance' parents because I have seen how the handle his nephew Noah, and I don't really like it. He doesn't go to bed until like 10pm and wakes up at noon, he also has NO nap time, making him cranky in the afternoon. I don't want our kid developing bad habits like that. Plus I am just overprotective in general. I worry about my kitties a lot when they are left alone.

    Yeah, I am the oldest too, which makes the problem worse, because my mom would go crazy as soon as she found out and it would just be over-bearing since our relationship isn't great. My younger sister already claims she will never have kids, which adds on to them both counting on me to give them grandchildren. I think my sister might change her mind though... I used to not want kids at all either, but as soon as I got out of my awful house, I started seeing good things
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