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    Your name: Molly Anna Madigan
    Husband's name: Kellan Rhys Madigan

    You met your husband in a college chemistry class, he was your lab partner.

    You dated for 6 months before you realized you were pregnant. Kellan told you he wanted to be married before the baby was born so six months later you got married. Your wedding was in a garden.

    After your wedding you discover you are pregnant with two babies! Kellan sheepishly admits that multiples run in his family. The babies are born three weeks early but are both relatively healthy. What do you have and what are their names? [roll dice]

    Names: Ivy Hanna & Juliette Agatha

    A week after the twins turn 2, you discover that you are once again pregnant. The pregnancy is smooth and nine months later you give birth to a girl.

    Name: Lorca Dickinson "Lore"

    You and Kellan are happy with your little family of five. When the twins turn 4 you adopt a puppy for the kids to play with. What do you adopt? [Roll dice]

    Name: Andromeda

    Soon after adopting Andromeda you discover you're once again pregnant. You and Kellan both know another baby won't fit in your small house so you decide to upgrade to a much bigger home before the baby is born. What does your new house look like? [roll dice]

    After settling into your new home you go into preterm labor and are put on bedrest for a few weeks. Even though you are forced to sit around with your feet up, the baby still doesn't want to stay put. One night, after the kids have gone to bed, you begin to have serious contractions. Kellan calls Grandma to stay with the kids while he rushes you to the hospital. At the hospital the doctor's find a hidden twin. Both babies are born very small and must be kept in the NICU until they're healthy enough to survive on their own.
    What are the genders? [roll dice]

    Names: Isaac Jude & Cora Maeve

    After the twins come home things settle down. You and Kellan decide to wait for awhile before trying for any more kids. When the youngest kids turn three you happen upon an adoption agency's website at work and fall in love with a 4 year old boy. You talk to Kellan and agree to begin the application process to adopt him. But as soon as you start the process you're informed that the child has two siblings, one older and one younger. You were really only planning on adopting the one child but you can't bear the thought of splitting up a family so you go ahead and adopt all three of them. Where are the children from? [roll dice]
    1. China

    What are the ages and genders of the children? [roll dice]
    4. G/B/B ages 2, 4, and 6

    First names come from:
    And middle names must be a name from the children's country of origin.

    Names: Vivienne Tashi (2), Thomas Choden (4) & William Tenzin (6)

    Between your 8 children and the dog your life is pretty hectic. You and Kellan agree that your family is complete and focus on raising your children.

    But when your oldest children are 14 you begin to miss having a baby in the house. You express your urge for another baby to Kellan and to your surprise, he agrees. You start trying for another but can't seem to conceive again. After a year of trying you turn to fertility treatments. The first round works!
    How many babies do you have and what are their genders?

    Names: Violet Penelope & Eleanor Stella

    After the babies are born you and [husband's name] decide that you are for sure done this time.

    List your complete family and feel free to add pictures and descriptions of each child!
    Molly & Kellan
    Wills - 14
    Ivy & Jules - 13
    Tom - 12
    Lore - 11
    Vivienne - 10
    Isaac & Cora - 9
    Violet & Nellie - NB
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