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    Create a family, name theirs w/ twist

    There are a lot of games just like this one, but I’ve added a twist: you have to add ages and name initials. Pets are also welcomed to be added, and you can do list a family as long as you wish (but don’t do it too extensively; the next poster may not be down for that.)

    I’ll start (yes, I know, I stretched a bit...):

    LN: C

    DH (66): P J
    DW (61): M Q

    DS1 (39): A G
    -DW (39): K D (MAIDEN NAME: R)
    --DD / DD (10): M R / M L
    --DD / DD (8): Z J / Z J
    --DS (5): G A

    DS2 (36): L H
    -Dgf (34): B L (LN: M)
    --DD (21): A M
    --DD (13): L I
    --DS / DS / DS (7): L A / R E / B I

    DS3 (35): G D
    -DW (33): C M (MAIDEN NAME: K)
    --DS (7): G E
    --DD (3): S E

    DS4 (33): L F
    -DW (33): J S (MAIDEN NAME: S)
    --DS (3): L P J
    --DD (nb): B M R

    DD2 (31): D S
    -DH (36): L A (LAST NAME: C)
    --DS (4): H F
    --DD (2): A M

    DD3 (25): A J
    -Dbf: D P

    DS5 (18): L R
    -Dgf (18): F C

    DD4 (18): J L
    -Dbf (21): A E

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    LN: Cross

    DH (66): Paul Joseph Cross
    DW (61): Mary Quinn Cross

    DS1 (39): Andrew Gregory Cross
    -DW (39): Kimberly Danielle Cross "Kim" {Reiter}
    --DD/DD (10): Makayla Rose Cross & Molly Lynn Cross
    --DD/DD (8): Zoe Jane Cross & Zara June Cross
    --DS (5): Grant Alexander Cross

    DS2 (36): Landon Hugh Cross
    -Dgf (34): Brooke Leigh Maloney
    --DD (21): Alyssa Marie Cross
    --DD (13): Lauren Isabelle Cross
    --DS/DS/DS (7): Logan Ashton Cross, Ryan Emmett Cross & Bennett Ivan Cross

    DS3 (35): Garrett Daniel Cross
    -DW (33): Carly Mae Cross {Klein}
    --DS (7): Gavin Edward Cross
    --DD (3): Sadie Elizabeth Cross

    DS4 (33): Lyle Frederick Cross
    -DW (33): Julia Samantha Cross {Steiner}
    --DS (3): Luke Preston James Cross
    --DD (nb): Brynn Miriam Rae Cross

    DD2 (31): Demi Serafina Carmichael {Cross}
    -DH (36): Louis Anderson Carmichael
    --DS (4): Hayden Frank Carmichael
    --DD (2): Ava Michelle Carmichael

    DD3 (25): Amanda Josephine Cross
    -Dbf (25): Dustin Peter Pryor

    DS5 (18): Liam Richard Cross
    -Dgf (18): Faith Catherine Cedar

    DD4 (18): Jenna Leanne Cross
    -Dbf (21): Adam Ezekiel Norris

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