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    Another undecided for girly no.3!

    I posted a bit ago about our trouble deciding on a name for our 3rd daughter due in 5 weeks. We've not got much further to be honest, though there is a favourite name in the lead, I'm having trouble because I feel it doesn't match the other 2 girls as well as I would like! I must have some mild form of ocd as I like things to match, to go well together, and the girls names are really important as far as this is concerned. All will have 2 middle names (I had one middle while my sister had two and it's bothered me right into adulthood haha!)

    Our older girls are Alyssa Jenna Rose and Francesca Sophia Grace. Part of me would prefer the name to be 3 syllables and end in 'a' and therefore 'go with' the others, and none will end up feeling left out etc. My sister recently mentioned that she sometimes felt she was 'only' Emma compared to my Rebecca and our brother Dominic. Silly? Well it's about on the same level as me being annoyed that she got 2 middles and I only got 1. It never occurred to me that her first name was shorter so maybe it evened it out a bit?

    Anyway our favourite for baby 3 is currently Thea. It's been on our lists since no.2 so I at least feel it's not just been conjured up, we've liked it for a couple of years. BUT I'm having trouble definitively deciding on it because I'm not sure it fits in with my idea of 'matching' the other 2 girls.

    I really like it, but it seems very simple and short compared to the others, though only one syllable less? Really this name would be more sensible (if this was just about sensibility!) as we have a double-barrelled name! But I just can't shake the feeling that if this bothers me now, it's always going to bother me.

    While I love the name Alyssa (though rare here in the UK it gets alot of mis-spelling and mis-pronunciation etc) I'm not as in love with the name Francesca, though lovely, I sometimes feel that DH loved it more and it was nice to be able to agree on a name when we didn't agree on many! She's nearly 2 now and thankfully I don't dislike her name, but I don't want to be left with similar possibly bigger feelings on no.3's name.

    Soooo what to do?

    Do we try and find a 3 syllable name we like as much? Also worth mentioning that my dh doesn't agree with me, thinks the syllable number issue is silly and that we have enough trouble limiting the search to names ending in a!

    I'm also looking at a longer name which you can get Thea/Thia from? It's a shame there are so few of these!

    So far I like

    Bethia - BUT the emphasis in this name is Beth not Thia and she'd get called Beth, which while nice is too popular for me
    Elethia - but would prefer 3 syllables not 4 lol
    Alethea - but really too close to Alyssa to use

    Such a shame that names which emphasize the Thea sound more aren't that attractive - don't like Theodora/Dorothea etc

    Any 3 syllable names suggestions ending in a would be appreciated, I might find another I like as much as Thea

    Other names we liked were Lana and Cora but they have the same problem Thea does really? Dh has vetoed loads of names which I like - Aurora, Matilda...

    For middle names I really want to use Faith as the 3rd name as loved it for years and not been able to use yet. Other middle would like to end in a Lilana, Rebecca, Sabrina etc

    Thankyou for reading! Any ideas?

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    Have you considered Thalia or Talia? They resemble Thea to me without seeming like a nn with no good proper name option (seems to be where you're stuck with Thea). Talia Rebecca Faith or Talia Sabrina Faith sound lovely to me. Alyssa, Francesca, Talia. I prefer without the h as I prefer TAHL-ya not THAL-ya and I wouldn't want to have to correct people.

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    I don't think it would be a problem if you used just Thea. It's a really pretty name, and I doubt anyone would notice that it's "only" two syllables. I like gwensmom's suggestion of Talia, too.

    Good luck!
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    Geez, sounds like you have the same problem as me trying to name my third daughter. Thought we'd chosen a name, Giselle, but not happy that it really matches our other daughters' names. I have a bit of OCD too. Regret giving one of my girls a 5 letter name when everyone else has 6 letters. Now don't know how many letters to go with for daughter number 3. Want to also find a name that ends in a but can't find something that I love. My girls are Saskia Grace and Milla Rose, so we like some of the same names. Not to mention the fact that my name is Sophia. What about the name Saskia for can be shortened to Kia which sounds a bit like Thea. It also matches well with Francesca I think and not too common here in UK. ??? Anyway, just a thought. Some others: Estella, Jemima, Cassia, Kiara, Camilla, India, Edwina, Isolda, Gloria, Calista??? Wanted to also say I can relate to your problems and hope you find something perfect.

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