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    Boys are so much harder for me to find and then to like.... Lots of boys names out there, but many of them are not strong enough or seem so soft....
    My current name list...

    Hugh - Miles - Tate - Ned - Luca - Max - Henry - Leo

    Mary - Nell - Ivy - Mae - Mila - Pearl - Iris - Nora - Hazel - Marnie - Ada - Summer - Wren - Harriet - Clara

    Here is my link to vote on....

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    If you ask me this a few months ago I would have said girls because my girls list was longer than my boys list. But now I would say boys because in the past couple of months my top 5 boys list has pretty much been the same. While my girls list has changed pretty much every time I look at the list. and my girls list is now shorter than my boys list. Boys are easier. And I'm just way to picky when it comes to girl names.
    Just a 20 something year old obsessed with names.

    Auntie to Logan Michael <3

    Favs as of Jan. 2015:
    Girl Names: Amira, Vivienne, Jayla, Lorelai, Elysia
    Boy Names: Sebastian, Isaiah, Quinton, Jackson, Zachery

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    Girls! I like a lot more names for girls and I find it easier to make combos.
    Sarah Beth <3

    Current favorites:

    Violet Christine • Aurora Scarlett • Eden •

    Micah James • Cash Henry •

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    Boys! I absolutely love to think of boys name and get absolutely giddy whenever I come across another boy name to love. There's maybe 20 boys name I can say I LOVE, which is a lot compared to the ONE girl name that I love. However, most boy names for me are love or hate, as there's very few names I "like".

    With girls I have an extremely difficult time falling in love with any names (except Claire, which I like more for the family aspect than the name itself). I think it's because the majority of the names that I really really like do not work for one reason or another and that has put me in a girl-naming induced depression. Unlike the boy's list though I have a list of about 100 girl names I do "like", but none of them stand out to be as loves or "future baby potential".

    Another contributing factor for me would probably be the fact that I definitely would prefer to have a son over a daughter. Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE a little girl... but after two-three-four sons come along. I always imagine myself as being the best possible mom to a couple of boys, so coming up with names and picturing them on little boys is much more fun to me. All I know is I could name five boys tomorrow without a second thought, but would have to think long and hard (for months and years and decades) to come up with the perfect girl name for me.

    I would love to find a way to get more excited about girl's names if anyone has any suggestions

    Edit: Oh! And I completely agree with a bunch of other posters that my boy's names hardly ever change, while my favorite girl's name changes two-three times a day.
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    Boys are much easier for me but I think that's because my husband has a pretty favorable reaction to many boy names while I think he initially hates almost every girl name I ever mention. Maybe our taste are a bit more similar for boys.

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