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Thread: Irelyn?

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    I was just reading names over at & I came across "Irelyn" on a baby girl. It stood out to me. What is the general consensus? Thanks, Berries!

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    I think you will find that most berries hate this name and are not afraid to tell you, but I LOVE it!!! I think it is a cute twist on Ireland. It does have a pretty trendy feel to it, but I think it is adorable!! I consider adding it to my list all the time but I usually don't it was on my list in the past though as Irelyn Molly. This is also one of the names of the Ferrill Quintuplets. They had a short lived reality show called Quintessential. They named their other children Kieran (girl) Lane (boy) Drayden (boy) and Landyn (boy) so they are not stangers to trendy names. I think it fits in better with trendy names but I still think it is so cute.

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    I really like it... I have quite a thing for place names and names that end with Lynn. I think its a prettier spelling than the original as well. It's definitely a stand out to me

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    I'd use Ireland before Irelyn. I have an embattled relationship with the letter y, you could say. And I don't like lyn/lynn. If a name doesn't traditionally have a y in it I'm generally loathe to use one. I prefer Caitlin to Katelynn, etc.

    Anyway, I think Ireland is cute.

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    I sincerely hope that someone would not give their child a name that appears to be a misspelling of Ireland. I would assume the parents were uneducated or very brave in their name choices if I met an Irelyn.

    Maybe this name is entirely unrelated to Ireland? If so then I still dislike it because surely it would cause confusion but if it is supposed to be a different "take" on Ireland then I think its stupid. Thats like saying the Texys is a cool take on Texas or pynsyll could be interchangeable with pencil. There is no free for all when it comes to spelling, even with names, and unless there is life on Mars that prefers to spell things with tons of y's, k's etc, then these new "versions" shouldnt be confused with the different spellings used by different cultures because that's completely different.
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