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    Favourite animal names I've encountered.




    B B
    (A king snake.)


    Emma Peel

    Mister Hollywood
    (A hognose. If you know the species, you know why.)

    (But she escaped and is still at large.)

    South Beach
    (A corn snake, Miami morph.)



    Casey and Chester
    (Box turtles.)



    (An iguana.)


    Guinea Pigs




    Randy Johnson



    Alvin, Simon and Theodore
    (Goldfish. Simon had bulging eyes.)

    Kuan Kung
    (A red betta.)

    Michael and Gabriel
    (Angel fish)



    Selina Kyle
    (A black cat.)

    (A huge grey tom with one eye.)



    (A chihuahua.)

    (A Chesapeake Bay retriever.)

    (A dachshund.)

    And my favourite dog name ever:

    Sergeant Pepper
    (A Schnauzer.)

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    My husband and I are "parents" to a dachshund named Heffalump, nn Lump. We call him lumpy baby sometimes. We also have a black lab named Friday, as he is my husbands constant companion. We recently adopted a chubby orange cat named Marshall. I have no idea why but I saw him and told my husband to grab Marshall, and let's go home to snuggle.

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    to be honest, I think simplicity is really underrated. I mean, I can't stand all the dogs named Bailey and Chloe, but with a name, the most important thing is that it will stick. My cat's named Sammy, because the shelter named her Libby which I thought was stupid. Is Sammy a boring name? Yes. Would I change it? No. I also recently vowed to,
    if I ever get a doggie, to name him Augie. And yes, I love Kitty for a cat, or even any other animal. Doesn't mean I wouldn't wanna get creative, it just means I'd rather go with something simple than something unwieldy.

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    Don't have a pet currently, but i had many hermet crabs and goldfish as a kid! I remember naming them things from "Present and Lucky" to "Drake and Josh" to "Cinderella and Belle". I'm hopefully getting a white Persian cat soon and will probably name him Presley after my mother's obsession with Elvis Presley! I can have my little King of Rock
    Right Now I would name them...
    ∆ Ellis Apollo • Vesper Aurelia ∆

    ∆ Casper Aloysius • Reverie Antonia ∆

    Guilty Pleasures ...

    Sailor . Waverly . Ever . Harlow . Elliot . Jasper . Lirit . Muse . Egypt . Ireland . Primrose . Calypso . Rowan

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    I agree. I work for a cat rescue. I always try to give them unique names when they come in although a lot of the time their new owners will write to us saying something along the lines of "thank you for letting us adopt ___ who we have now renamed Felix." I always try and name all my pets my guilty pleasure names, names that i love but wouldn't use on my future children. Only have 1 dog at the moment called Connor. He was already named this when I rescued him and he was 6 years old at the time so couldn't really change his name. I love it though, quite common for a child but you don't really hear that name for a dog.
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