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    Our dog is Frankie - named after a dog in one of our son's books....'this is my dog, he's called Frankie. He should chase sheep, but he's too cranky'.

    Our cat is a russian black and is named Koshka (Kosh), which is Russian for cat. Probably not terribly original.

    Budgie - Paco

    Recently all the dogs at the puppy training seem to have human names - Bailey, Cooper, Dakota, Max etc

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    My friend had two cats Koshka (russian for cat) like to poster above and Kisa, russian for kitty. lol. and she had a dog D-O-G. and a fish named einstein that drowned itself.
    me on the other allergic to dogs/cats. but I had fish (: Chris, Oliver, Moses, Strawberry, and Rosabella were a few that I remember...ahaha

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    My current pets are:

    Faolan, Legend - Dogs
    Jalyan, Lucky - Cats

    My pets growing up:

    Maggie Mae, Kasey Jean, Mabel Sue, Lola Belle - Dogs
    Abigail, Rosita, Chloe, Jasmine, Durango, Bailey, Penguin - Cats

    A few are on your list, but they're not ones that I named. Maggie was named by my mom, and Lucky was named by my dad who found him in the engine of his car after he drove my siblings to school.

    Oh, and my dad named Rosita. She was called Rosie almost all the time, but her full name is actually Rosita Garina Yolanda Vega
    "Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few books should be chewed and digested thoroughly."

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    On Friday, my fiance and I did indeed get the male English Springer Spaniel puppy I had mentioned in my post on page 3.
    We decided on the name Mack, but he has been going by Mackee a lot, too. Mack Hopper just fits him so well, I must admit, and we are quite thrilled with our new 'baby'!!!

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    I agree completely with Bailey, and do you know what dog names I've heard over and over in the past six months? Sydney and Sadie.

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