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    Pet Names I'm Sick Of Hearing

    Background: I'm currently a 2nd year vet student, which means I've spent a LOT of time working in vet clinics, shelters, pet-centric community events, etc. Just like with names for children, some names for pets are really prevalent, uncreative, and in my opinion, really overdone. While I understand the reasoning behind giving a child a more traditional name, I think that naming pets is really a good time to let creativity come out. After all, the other dogs at the dog park are not going to tease your dog for having an unusual name! Now, I know sometimes there are extenuating circumstances (like you rescued the pet from a shelter situation and it came with a name it already responded to). But in 2 years when I go out into practice, I feel like I'm going to remember the patients with unique names a little more readily than those that have the same name as several other patients. For example, when the receptionist says "Mrs. Smith is on the line for you with a question about Bailey," I will probably think "Bailey... which Bailey? Bailey the lab? Bailey the australian shepherd?"

    Anyway, long rant aside, here are some of the names I wish people would stop giving their pets.

    Dogs: Bailey, Bear, Charlie, Max, Buddy, Rocky, Jack, Bella, Maggie, Princess, Sophie, Tinkerbell (especially on chihuahuas), Lucy, Lexi, Molly, Ellie, Gracie, Lucky, Luna, Zoe, Coco

    Cats: Kitty, Tiger, Tigger, Smokey, Midnight, Lily, Callie (especially calico cats), Sophie, Gracie, Simba, Max, Milo, Oliver (yes, we have a cat in our family named this, but he's my brother's cat and my brother had final say on the name!)

    On the flip side, here are some of the pet names I've come across that I've really appreciated for their creativity and/or uniqueness: Limo (a black dachsund mix), Paddy Bojangles, Truffles, Arizona, Bender, Gremlin, Chupacabra, Stella, Prints, Cinder, Latke, Saravi... and an honorable mention to a family with the last name Bell that named their dogs Taco and Tinker.

    Anyone else want to weigh in? What cool, creative pet names have you heard (or given to a pet)? What ones are you sick of hearing?
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    Our dog's name is Cookie, and we often call her by silly cookie-related nicknames like Oatmeal Raisin, so I think that's pretty cute - maybe others won't agree! Haha. Our cat's name is Monkey - he was my husband's before we were married, so I didn't name him. I do think it's cute, though.

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    I can say our family hasn't always been that creative in the pet-naming department, but we've had a lot of pets since we live in the country. I just lost the canine love of my life, my twelve-year-old Boxer, Little Miss Molly Boucher (she went by Molly), in December. Our fourteen-year-old ailing family dog, Max, is another one on your list. (And I'm just going to say you've touched a nerve with me because they have been the best dogs we've ever had, and when you talk about pet names, and how you're sick of them, you might stop to think that many of us may have dearly loved and lost pets with those very names and being berated by you for not being "creative" enough with them might not go over very well with some of us.)

    I like to give my pets human names because they're part of the family. I don't give them names I would name my own kids. I also like naming them for literary characters or authors or something significant from a novel (i.e., our cat Bourre, named for the card game the YaYa Sisters loved to play, and I once had a Naboo, from Star Wars, too). I don't get very scientific or cutesy with their names, but I do put a lot of thought into them just because it is fun for me, even if their name ends up being "common" or "uninteresting."

    My Molly was a funny, silly puppy, a typical Boxer, and I finally chose her name because it fit her personality. I had to give her a full formal name for the AKC registration, so I went with the "Little Miss" because of the song lyric, "Good Golly Miss Molly." "Boucher" is from The Waterboy character, Bobby Boucher, and was suggested by a friend. We're from Louisiana, and it just fit her. I can't imagine her being anything else, and I tried out a LOT of names.

    Anyway. I'm not sorry Molly's name is "common." She was a wonderful dog, and her name was very good for her. I always called her Molly b'Golly, Molly Bolly. I sang "Good Golly Miss Molly" to her all the time. I just loved saying her name to her, too. In fact, it was the last thing she ever heard. It was a fun name, one I loved but wouldn't necessarily have used on a child when I chose it, and of course now I wouldn't because she was my baby.
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    We have always given our animals human names apart from 2 rabbits when I was very young called Flopsy and Smudge.

    Kim, Tara, Kerri, Tandy (already her name when we got her), Tillie, Maddie and Bailey (she was called Kimberly and I had a dog called Kim previously so we changed it slightly by dropping the Kim and she did have a Baileys coloured stain on her cheek). Maddie is my 2 year old border collie ball of energy and really fits her name - she is MAD and wouldnt change her for the world!

    Flopsy and Smudge

    Guinea Pigs
    Suzi and Suki and now got Poppy, Daisy and Oakley

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    Tony, Billy, Paddy, Alice, Maggie, Dora and Minnie


    Even my flower is called Doris!
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    I've only had a few pets in my lifetime so far; Banjo, Clancy and Molly all dogs. Rosie the cat. Diesel and Bubbles the goldfish.

    And Molly being one of your gripes, I understand--its common. But it totally suits her, we had considered names like Henrietta, Milly, Matilda and Florence. Though in the end the general agreement was that everyone liked Molly and that is it, her show name is "Matilda Girl" though.

    I don't think choosing a common name means you are lazy, sometimes it just seems right. But in the end its the pet's personality you fall in love with, not the name.

    But here is some cool pet names I've come across:

    Baloo, Ursula, KC (Kamikaze Cat), Fenris, Baldur, Arishok and Muggle.

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