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    I've called my fluffy companions Orlando and Grimalkin - both names of cats in books that I read when I was younger. From the same sources, we've had Tinkle, Grace and Gobolino. Meanwhile, my parents, both in their 60s, have a cat named Usher - that was the name he came with, not their choice - but I still think it's cool that he may be the only one and that it raises eyebrows! None of us had heard of the singer until the cat arrived!

    Having been obsessed with names since I was teeny, I have lists of future cat-names as well as baby-names. Here are a few:

    Gretchen, Griselda, Thecla, Elkie, Florka
    Hector, Dragon, Loki, Wilbur - and who could resist Huggin, Munnin & Peppin?

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    We are guilty of giving our dog a name from your list -but it really does suit her! Although, next time I will think twice about giving my dog a common kid's name. It's kind of strange to meet people at the park and discover they share a name with the dog. However, Maggie's full name is Maggie Mayhem McGie, and she gets lots of nicknames. The best part about naming our dog Maggie is is easy for little children in the neighbourhood to remember and say. I love walking down the street and having the neighbours kids run over to the sidewalk yelling "Maaaagggggiiiieeeee"! Maggie loves them and vice versa. Very nice, easy handle for a friendly cute dog.

    Next time I think I will give my pets hobbit names -because they are less than 4 feet tall and have hairy feet.... just like a hobbit. Plus, hobbits have great names -Pippin, Merry, Frodo, Bilbo, RosieCotton etc.

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    First family cats were Licorice (Licky), Thomasina (after the Gallico book), and Mittens (the name was ironic. he was over 20 lbs and terrifying).
    Since that time: Cats Caspian (nn Fuzzy or the Fuzz Monster, an Angora) and Tamsin (aka Beaky). Then a mouse named Jeremiah. Then cats: Luigi, Nicholasa (after Nicholasa Mohr, the author, nn Nicki or Ninny), Charlie who became Milo after my 2 yr old son saw Milo and Otis; Bill George, the kitten of Milo and Nicki's named by the same 2 yr old son the only two names he knew: Bill, from the song Soliloquy from Carousel that his father would sing to him and George, from Curious George; and Mao. Added cats were foster kittens: Louis (after my great-uncle Louis), Taffy, Ginger, and Linnet. Then Tybalt, the Prince of Cats, also called Pikachu ( a nn he hates). Finally: Shofar, because he was born on Rosh Hashanah, Pip (who died last year of lymphoma) because he was an orphan, Simon (Simey) from the character Simey in Margaret Mahy's novel The Nargun and the Stars, and Duncan, after the Barbara Samuels picture book, Duncan and Dolores.
    Dogs: Babe (no, I didn't name her; the Scot who did had never heard of the movie), a border collie; Stormin' Norman, a Newfie we called Normy; Blue, an Aussie (it wasn't his name but he did deign to answer to it, we found him on the street), and my current border collie, Annabel May, called May or May-dog.
    Rabbits: Bracken (he was bad but we loved him), Midnight, and Roger, a Flemish giant (we didn't name him) who was evil, lol.
    Hamsters: Petunia, who came out of the wall of my apartment in Brooklyn, and Ricki the Ninja hamster who fought off Milo, Nicki, Bill George and Mao one night after she got out of her cage.
    Frogs: assorted Freddy Frangas, either bullfrogs or leopard frogs, named by my weird son, along with various firebelly toads named Brownish and Greenish and Orangish. Also Skipper, my beloved Pacific tree frog, who inspired my first science book.
    Turtles: Eleazar and Dvora, spotted turtles, Moshe, a snapping turtle, and Batsheva, my Eastern box turtle. I've had dozens of turtles, but those were the most noteworthy-named.
    Two stupid budgies: Jay and Sky. (as in blue)
    Guinea Pig: Shadow.
    Innumerable gerbils all named Whiskers.
    Rats: The best named one was my daughter's Risa, who did odd pagan dances around strawberries before eating them.
    Horses: Gilligan and Secret Storm (Stormy). Horses by and large come with names. You only get to nn them. I called Gilligan Red. Not very original but he was a 17.5 sorrel Irish jumper.

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    I'm tired of the dog names: Max, Molly, Maggie, and Tucker.

    That being said... we have three dogs: Maggie (chocolate lab), Lola (poodle), and Bruno (yorkie).
    Had a great cat named Hercules (Herc), but he recently passed and I now have a cat named Pablo (which everyone seems to think his name is actually Pedro...).

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    I think we have used some pretty unique names but also some pretty boring ones, I will list all the ones I can remember.

    Scooter & Sassy (We had them at the same time so they kind of went together)




    Buster (7 years old and still kickin/swimming)
    Can't remember the names of others that I used to have.

    Those were all pets I had growing up or my parents have right now.
    Soon I will be moving and getting my own puppy, I have 2 names picked out Kraemer or Cagney. Cagney is to match with my parents dog Lacey. I also have a long list of names I like for future pets.

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