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    I've only had two dogs my entire life. They were both German shepherds and their names were Rommel and Shelby. My dad picked out the name Rommel, and it was perfect for him. He was all majestic and looking down on everyone, it was great. Then my brother and I picked out the name Shelby. I think that name is great for her too, because she's got soooo much personality. She's such a spaz!
    I agree that some names are overused. I have three friends with dogs named Maggie and at least the same amount with a dog named Roxie. All I know is that the next dog we get is going to be a boy named RJ, which stands for Rommel Junior.
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    I've got a gecko named Hannah Montana Sparkle Flower, and then he turned out to be a boy so I usually just call him Guy. A six year old tried to give that name to my dog, who is a boy. He ended up with Linus.

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    I have a cat named Myrtle...My Harry Potter nerd coming out naming her... But I hate the name Mogs for a cat it is so popular and I hate to hear the name Lucy, Lottie and Tigger....
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    I had a virtual pet cat named Benjamin Franklin. Does that count?

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    My budgies were named: Fiasco, Green Pepper and Winter. Fiasco was blue, and had this thing with flying into things. He'd get stuck behind things all the time, fly into computer/tv screens, windows, everything. Green Pepper was green and I was 9. I couldn't think of anything else. lol Winter was white and blue and I bought her in the winter.

    My brother's beta fish had a slew of names, Kool-aid was the one that sticks out the most. His cream hamster has gone through a lot as well: Butterbeer (my idea! HP nerd yes.), Caramel, and Hammy is the current one. I hate it, I call him Butterbeer which annoys my brother to no end. lol. Hammy's so typical, expected, and boring.

    We found a ginger kitten with a very curious personality and named him Alex, short for Alexmuir which is the name of the park we found him in. He ranway after a few hours though...

    I wanted to get a cream Pomeranian, and give him 5 names a la Thomas O'malley style, but then have them spell out his initials to DOLCE and I'd just call him Dolce. I put a lot of thought into it I know.
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