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    Personally, I think Tinkerbell for a Doberman is absolutely perfect

    I've had dogs named Diva, Hana, and Coda.

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    I am a cat person. I figured that Bailey, Sophia/Sophie, Lily, Oliver and Max were pretty common. I thought Chloe was too? What do you think?
    I named my girl-cat Ava, after "Ave Maria", because she looked so angelic - she was a pale flame-point mix. I thought Ave Maria would be a bit long for a small cat (she was the runt of her litter). She recently passed away.
    I know someone who named their dog (mini dachshund) Peanut - which to me is as annoying as Tinkerbell.
    I really like "Arwen" or "Eirwen" for a pale kitty right now.
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    I think Cleo is a tad overused for cats... But we just named one of our foster kittens that, so I guess we're following the crowd... However, our other pets are unique!
    The dogs are Shasta and Birdie, our permanet cat is Carmel, and the other foster cats are Indigo, Fozzie, Morrisey, Garfunkle, and Jemima.

    I think besides Cleo, the only other overused pet name we've used is Goldie for about five different goldfishes.
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    I actually have fallen prey to one of the names on the list. My family once had a calico named Callie, and another callico named Cassie. Now my mom has one named Mocha, so I guess we got more creative over time.

    We had a black cat named, you guess it blackie and a grey cat named Greyie (I don't know how to spell it since it isn't a name). Yes I was young and not too creative.

    My mom currently has Mocha and a male Bluepoint Balinese named Gary, which is funny since it is a old man name to me and he is a lazy old male cat.

    I agree about getting creative with animal names. I joke to my husband that the names he hates for future kids will be used on our future pets.
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    I am proud to say that this past week I officially adopted my foster kitten that I've had since late June! He's a brown tabby and I named him Loki (I swear Tressa that I had not read your post on here at the time I named him! Just saw The Avengers a few too many times!)

    On the subject of bad pet names, my vet school classmate and friend just inherited a puppy from her Fiance's sister, and the sister was calling the dog Mylow. Yes, with that spelling. My friend at least changed it to Milo! Her two cats are named Washington and Arizona, because we're from Arizona and go to school in Washington
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