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    Loving Kathleen again!

    I want to hear what you have to say about Kathleen!

    Her combo would likely be...

    Kathleen Raven

    Also, would it be bad if one of my favorite shows of all times that I will be sharing with my kids... has a mean girl named Kathleen in it? xD
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    Kathleen Raven is a beautiful name. I personally like the name Kathleen with a diff middle name ( like Kathleen Rose, Kathleen Braelyn or Kathleen Elise) but i think what you have picked is as beautiful as ever!
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    I prefer Katherine, but I do think Kathleen is a nice name. You can't help but smile when saying Kathleen. I dont think the show is a problem. Kathleen is such a sweet name that i doubt anyone would think of it as a mean girl name. Raven is not my style at all, so I won't comment on that.

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    Kathleen is pretty, and not used too often nowadays. I agree with the previous poster in that I prefer Katherine, or Katarina, but there's nothing wrong with Kathleen at all - especially since you can also have Lena as a nickname (which I love) in addition to Kate, Katie, Kit, et cetera. I'm not a huge fan of Raven - I'd like something like Rowan better.

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    I love the name Kathleen. Especially paired with Cecelia - Kathleen Cecelia.

    I like Raven but not really sure it goes with Kathleen.

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