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    Smile Learn a lot of things from the flowers

    I really love names, so I was wondering what is a beautiful flower name besides Rose?
    I've heard mostly these be used and only a few of them really compare to Rose. It just feels as though Rose has become so pedestrian. I love it; but so do so many others and when I eventually have kids I'd like to know my options!
    These are the ones I've heard:
    -Lilly (very common also)
    -Jasmine (as is this)
    -Violet (I adore this!)
    -Dahlia (Like this)
    -Daisy (but it can be easily outgrown)
    -Poppy (Like but potential for teasing)
    -Posy (Similarly with this one)
    -Alyssum or Alyssa
    And of course there are others such as Camellia, Hyacinthe, Bryony etc.

    Anyway, love to hear some of your suggestions or even variations would be great! Thanks!
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    Ever since reading the novel Peony in Love, I've always found the name Peony very cute.

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    Daisy is cute but common also.

    I like Calla - a type of lily too
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    Primrose is cute if you have the guts. I love Lilia also. It's like Lily, but not as common. Does Willow count? Not a flower, but a tree...

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    I love Jonquil.

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