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    March birth notices from my area.

    I decided to go through some papers the other day to see what people are naming their children around my area...I hate to say it, but I normally cringe when I decide to do this. The names that normally appear are all very 90's sounding. Which there's nothing wrong with, just not my taste, but anyway. This time around I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

    Charlie Bridgette
    Ted Albert Vesey
    Victoria Elizabeth (sibs: Sophie and James)
    Tayah Leigh
    Frankie Jean (sib: Harper [g])
    Taya Lyn
    Caelan James (sibs: Maya and Amelie)
    Declan Peter
    Emerson Kate (sibs: Bella and Abby)
    Chloe Jane (sib: Sophie)
    Sophie Grace
    Lachlan Lawrence
    Lucia Caroline (sib: Noah)
    Deegan Nash (sib: Cooper)
    Allira Maddison
    Sam Isaac
    Emma Kate (sibs: Ethan and Baxter)
    Samuel Rhys (sib: Declan)
    Edie Gladys (sib: Pearl)
    Isabella May Elizabeth (sibs: Sam, Jacob and Lucas)
    George Logan
    Abbie Jane
    Tanaya Claire (sib: Aditya)
    [FONT=Times New Roman][CENTER][SIZE=2]Renaming myself;
    something quirky, British and elegant.[/SIZE]
    [COLOR="#009999"]August - Edmund - Dexter - Jasper - Felix - Henry[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#990066"]Violet - Beatrice - Florence - Olive - Harriet - Antigone - Clementine - Henrietta - Hermione - Wilhelmina - Ottilie - Persephone[/COLOR]

    Please vote on my name list!: [url][/url]


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