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    My name is Charlotte Mercy Evans. I'm 5'9'' and willowy, with pale skin, slightly curly black hair and blue-grey eyes.
    His name is Daniel Zachary Lewis. He is 6'2'' and lean but muscled, with tanned skin, blonde-brown hair and green eyes.

    We meet at our university's Bonfire Night party on the beach. We're out with the same group of friends, and as people start pairing off and disappearing, we get left alone together. He lends me his jacket and buys us both a drink. We have a brilliant night - he's hilarious, we have similar tastes, but are different enough that we always have something to talk/argue about. He walks me back to my flat, and says he'd like to hang out again sometime. He kisses me, and leaves. I date him until I graduate (he's in the year ahead of me) and we decide to move in together.

    We buy a farm just outside a small town somewhere in Canada (he buys the farm off of his Canadian grandparents - it's a big change from the UK, but I've always been the adventurous type). Our new house looks exactly like the old-style English farmhouse that you've always dreamed of - 3.

    After we've lived on the farm for a year, we decide to get a pet! After all, what kind of farm doesn't have animals?! We decide to buy a dog from a breeder - I've always loved big dogs, but have never had the space to have one. We decide to buy one of the biggest - a female Caucasian Shepherd Dog puppy you call Corona -

    Not long after getting your dog, I realise I'm pregnant!! We're both thrilled!! We have a beautiful baby boy on 9th August 2013 - Dylan Miles Lewis.

    On Dylan's first birthday, Daniel finally proposes! We spend 6 months planning the wedding. On the big day (14th February 2015), I wake up feeling sick. I attribute it to nerves and forget about it.

    The week after the wedding we take off on our two-week long honeymoon to Ireland, leaving Dylan with his grandparents.

    When we get back from our honeymoon, we realise I'm pregnant again!! We have another baby boy on the 29th November 2015 - Aiden Callum Lewis.

    4 years after Aiden is born we decide that it's time for another baby! Fate however has different plans, and this time it's TWINS! You give birth to Ruby Talullah Lewis and Stellan Sebastian Lewis on 1st September 2020.

    When the twins turn two, you decide to get another pet - a 3-year-old female Doberman called Nova -

    Daniel gets transferred to Wyoming, USA, in December 2022. We buy a ranch so the kids and the dogs have lots of room to play. Our new house looks like -->

    One year later, the family has settled into life on the ranch in Wyoming. Daniel and I decide that now the twins are more independant, it's time for another addition to the family. We welcome baby Siran Primrose Lewis 'Siri' into the family on 5th May 2023. She is born with dyslexia.

    Three years later, Daniel's sister Jenny and her husband Kyle die in a car accident, leaving behind their two-year-old daughter Lyra Valencia Whishaw, born 13th February 2024. They have listed us as her guardians, so we welcome her in with open arms, bringing our family's total up to six children and two dogs.

    One year later, on Christmas Day 2027, our family looks like this:

    DH: Daniel Zachary Lewis (42)
    DW: Charlotte Mercy Lewis (40)
    DS: Dylan Miles Lewis (14)
    DS: Aiden Callum Lewis (12)
    DS/DD: Ruby Talullah Lewis and Stellan Sebastian Lewis (7)
    DD: Siran Primrose Lewis 'Siri' (4)
    ADD: Lyra Valencia Whishaw (3)

    Dan & Charlie with their 6 kids - Dylan, Aiden, Ruby, Stellan, Siri and Lyra - and their dogs - Corona and Nova.
    Vote for your favourites!!

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    1) Lydia June Smith
    2) DH is Louis Simon Moore. We lived next door to each other in an apartment building right after college.
    3) We live in downtown New York City.
    4) Our house is 4 (wow we obviously rake in the money!)
    5) We adopt a young grey cat named Hudson.
    6) First is a boy! Dylan Miles
    7) I spend four months planning the wedding.
    8) We go to Thailand for our honeymoon.
    9) Second is named Noah Arthur.
    10) Boy: Asher Ray
    Girl: Matilda June
    11) We get a Great Dane mix named Atlas.
    12) We move to Vienna and move into #6
    13) We have a girl, who has severe hearing loss. Her name is Eliza Rue.
    14) We win the lottery! We spend the small amount of money we get on taking Eliza to doctors who think they can improve her hearing.

    Dylan, Noah, Asher, Matilda, and Eliza
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    The Banks Family

    Jane Catherine & Henry Joseph

    We live in a suburb of Madrid, Spain.
    We have a gray and white cat named Chelsea.
    We honeymooned in Ireland.
    We have a Siberian Husky named Comet.
    We moved to London before Wilder was born.
    Wilder was born with Down Syndrome.
    We started our own business: a bakery!

    DD: Paige Ivy Banks
    DD: Natalie Rachel Banks
    DD/DS: Isla June Banks / Theo Atticus Banks
    DS: Wilder Frederick Banks

    The Banks Family
    Henry, Jane, Paige, Natalie, Isla, Theo, and Wilder
    Gentlemen: Andrew | Arlen | Finn/Finnegan | Harvey | Henry | James | Lachlan | Nolan | Patrick | Theodore | Thomas

    Ladies: Gemma | Jane | Lily | Phoebe

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    Ohio USA
    My name is Violet Primrose Jackson. I met my husband, Maxwell Tobias Jackson, in a college creative writing class. We bought a farm just outside of Essex, Canada.

    We had lived together for about a year when we decided to take our relationship to the next level - by getting a pet, that is! We adopted a cat from the local shelter. She is a beautiful Siamese, and her name is Cambria.

    Shortly after Cambria joined our home, I realized I was pregnant! Although unexpected, we were extremely happy! We soon became the proud parents of a daughter, named Addison Paige Jackson

    On Addie’s first birthday, Max finally proposed! We spent three months planning the wedding. On the big day, I woke up feeling sick. I attributed it to nerves.

    The week after the wedding we take off on our two-week long honeymoon to Alaska, leaving Addie with her grandparents. It wasn’t until we got back that I realized those ‘nerves’ I felt on our wedding day were actually my body trying to tell me that I was pregnant! We have another little girl, and name her Isabella Wren Jackson.

    Two years after Izzie was born, we decided it was time for another! This time it was twin boys, and we named them Stellan Hudson Jackson and Sullivan Kingston Jackson.

    When the twins were two, you decided to add another pet. This time we adopted a golden retriever pup, and named him Sirius.

    Shortly after that, Max's job required him to be transferred to California. We were very excited about our new home.

    One year passes, and our family settles into their new home and into a comfortable routine. Max and I decide our family is ready for another baby, now that the twins are almost four and becoming more independent. We have yet another baby girl, whose name is Callista Rue Jackson. Callie suffers from strabismus, and will require several surgeries to correct her vision.

    We win a small amount of money in the lottery and decide to take a family vacation to Hawaii to celebrate!

    Max and Vi
    Addie, Izzie, Stellan, Sullie, and Callie

    Cat: Cambria
    Dog: Sirius

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    1. Aria Beatrice Grisham

    2. Felix Caleb Spencer

    3. Downtown Austin


    5. A cat - Hollis

    6. DS: Finley Miles Spencer

    7. 1 month planning the wedding

    8. Honeymoon in Greece

    9. DS: Noah Channing Spencer

    10. 1 year later - DD/DD: Ivy Matilda Spencer and Pearl Clementine Spencer

    11. A dog - Luna

    12. Transferred to Miami

    13. DD: Eliza Primrose Spencer

    14. You win a small sum of money in the lottery and spend it on a holiday.

    Aria and Felix & Finley (8), Noah (6), Ivy (5), Pearl (5) and Eliza (1).

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