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  • Elizabeth Jaden

    7 14.89%
  • Chloe Jaden

    2 4.26%
  • (Something Else) Jaden

    0 0%
  • Elizabeth (Something Else)

    37 78.72%
  • Other [suggest all new name]

    2 4.26%
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Thread: Aiden + Jaden??

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    If you are set on an -ayden ending name, I think that Hayden is the best of them, but I worry that the H in Elizabeth would blend too much with the beginning H in Hayden. Since I am not sure of your last name, I'll do a little experiment where I try it on with various last names to see how it feels to me....

    Elizabeth Hayden Smith
    Elizabeth Hayden Johnson
    Elizabeth Hayden Rodriguez
    Elizabeth Hayden Anderson
    Elizabeth Hayden Chen
    Elizabeth Hayden Marcos

    I actually kind of like it. This would be my pick.
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    Elizabeth Jade is just perfect, in my opinion!
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    Kayden, Cayden, what about Peighton? Also spelled Payton, instead of Payden , Peighton is very similar and matches Aiden without being too matchy matchy or rhymy.
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