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Thread: Aiden + Jaden??

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    I do find the contrast between classic Elizabeth and popular, super trendy, masculine Jaden rather jarring. Elizabeth is gorgeous and very non-teasable. The pp's had some good nicknames; I personally know Elizabeths who go by their full names, Liza, and Lyz. Birdie and Bess are cute nicknames, too. I think that Dylan and Elizabeth/Liza/Ellie/Beth, etc. sound amazing together!

    Matching middles are sweet, but I find it a little over-the-top when they rhyme completely. I think that starting with the same sound would be cute: Dylan Aiden and Elizabeth Adeline/Adalyn, Elizabeth Ada, Elizabeth Addison, or Elizabeth Adrienne. R_J's idea about matching endings could work, too: you could even try for a -den ending, like Camden, Linden, or Eden (Elizabeth Eden is beautiful!). If you're really set on an -aden/-ayden name, just start at the top of the alphabet and go down the line... There really aren't that many girl -aden names, though. Except for Leighton (sounds close) and Payden, I think it's a boy name trend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiffanydanielle View Post
    Well I'm not sure if I'm pregnant right now but my husband & I decided on a boy & girl name when we found out we were pregannt with our first. Now I'm wondering about the names. lol.
    Our little boy, who's 15 months now, is Dylan Aiden. I couldn't love it more!! I think it sounds so great & it suits him perfectly!

    BUUUUUTTTTTT... When we have a girl (as of now) her name is going to be Elizabeth Jaden.
    Yes I know the middle names may be too matchy for some but I love the Idea of matching middle names. I always loved when I'd meet friends in elementary who's names matched with their siblings' names in some way, even if it were just the first letter. So now I've decided that we're gonna match our children's middle names.

    My question is, I know Jaden is supposed to be a unisex type name. lol. But idk if Elizabeth Jaden sounds good together. & on top of that Idk if I want to name or little girl Elizabeth because I don't want her to be made fun of, & I don't really like the nn Lizy or anything like that.

    Plus if you could reply with some more "-ayden" names for boys & girls I'd appreciate it!!
    Aiden, Jaden, Braden, Hayden, etc... (as you can see I'm having trouble with the girl -ayden names)
    Hi and welcome to nameberry. We nameberries will do our best to find the best name for your baby. Please let us know if any of the combos appeal to you.

    Dylan Aidan is a Gaelic/Welsh name so I would veer away from anything trendy which will not stand the test of time so I would deter you from using the common ayden names such as the ones you have listed.

    If you want to name your baby Elizabeth then these middles may suit you they all have the 'ay' sound in them

    Elizabeth Jane
    Eva Elizabeth I love this one!
    Sadie Elizabeth
    Eliza Sadie
    Elizabeth Maya
    Elizabeth Lilah
    Elizabeth Leila (pronounced as Layla)
    Ada Elizabeth

    Chloe Abigail Gorgeous!
    Chloe Tamara
    Chloe Jane
    Chloe Haven (Haven is a trendy name that will probably go out of style quickly)

    Elizabeth Caitlin (honestly though Caitlin has been done to death is becoming dated so this isn't a first choice in my opinion)

    Tahlia Elizabeth (tah lee ah)
    Elizabeth Amelia
    Amelia Elizabeth nn of Mia
    Mila Elizabeth
    Mia Elizabeth
    Eliza Jane! Lovely
    Chloe Laine
    Elizabeth Peyton (not a fan of Peyton)
    Elizabeth May
    Elizabeth Maeve or Maeve Elizabeth and Dylan and Maeve would be perfect together!
    Maia Elizabeth

    PS You cannot go wrong with Elizabeth or any of its derivatives eg Eliza, Elise, Elodie, Ellen, Beth, Bethany, Liza
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    I vote for Elizabeth (something else). Elizabeth is such a classy, elegant name and to pair it with Jaden would be a travesty.

    Elizabeth Anne
    Elizabeth Jane
    Elizabeth Catherine
    Elizabeth Maeve
    Elizabeth Cordelia
    Elizabeth Rosemary
    Elizabeth Evelyn
    Elizabeth Claire
    Elizabeth Viola
    Elizabeth Rain

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    Honestly Jaden just "downgrades" Elizabeth by a whole lot imo.

    Elizabeth Jade is SO much better.
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    She doesn't have to have a nickname, just call her by her full name. I love the suggestion Elizabeth Jade.

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