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Thread: Aiden + Jaden??

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    tiffanydanielle Guest

    Unhappy Aiden + Jaden??

    Well I'm not sure if I'm pregnant right now but my husband & I decided on a boy & girl name when we found out we were pregannt with our first. Now I'm wondering about the names. lol.
    Our little boy, who's 15 months now, is Dylan Aiden. I couldn't love it more!! I think it sounds so great & it suits him perfectly! :)

    BUUUUUTTTTTT... When we have a girl (as of now) her name is going to be Elizabeth Jaden.
    Yes I know the middle names may be too matchy for some but I love the Idea of matching middle names. I always loved when I'd meet friends in elementary who's names matched with their siblings' names in some way, even if it were just the first letter. So now I've decided that we're gonna match our children's middle names.

    My question is, I know Jaden is supposed to be a unisex type name. lol. But idk if Elizabeth Jaden sounds good together. & on top of that Idk if I want to name or little girl Elizabeth because I don't want her to be made fun of, & I don't really like the nn Lizy or anything like that.

    Plus if you could reply with some more "-ayden" names for boys & girls I'd appreciate it!!
    Aiden, Jaden, Braden, Hayden, etc... (as you can see I'm having trouble with the girl -ayden names)

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    If you are set on the -ayden sound, perhaps Elizabeth Cadence? It's more feminine, but not a perfect rhyme match.

    You could also pick something similar to Aiden like Adelle, or with a similar ending as Aiden, like Maren.

    I don't think a girl named Elizabeth would be teased at all and Elizabeth has great nicknames besides Lizzy. Eliza, Liza, Elle, and Beth are other options.

    If you are not set on the -ayden sounds, I am sure the Berries would offer a ton of suggestions.

    Good luck!

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    Sorry to be blunt, but Elizabeth Jaden sounds AWFUL. It's such a classic, beautiful name paired with a horrible, trendy name.

    How about

    Elizabeth is a well-known name. I highly doubt there will be any more teasing than is normal for all kids about their names. And there are plenty of other nn's for Elizabeth besides Lizzy. Liz, Beth, Elle, Ellie, Eliza, Liza, Elsbeth, Betty, Lettie, Libby. I knew a girl in grade school who went by Zella when her given name was Elizabeth.
    Girls - Abigail, Georgianna, Anne, Charlotte, Claire, Genevieve, Annette, Eliza, Felicity, Hannah, Noelle, Eugenie, Grace, Phoebe, Philippa, Cecilia, Cecily, Elizabeth, Hollis, Piper, Lorelei, Vivienne, Paige, Carolina, Isobel, Lucy, Molly, Georgia, Victoria, Naomi

    Boys - Bobby Sparklefritz until H can offer suggestions. Ones I like: Rory, Owen, Tyler, Ian, Elliot, Alexander, Ephraim, Levi, Jacob, Reid, Avery, Nathan, Miles, Jasper, Spencer, Toby, Dean, Philip

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    How about Elizabeth Jade or Elizabeth Jada? Very similar sound to "Jaden", but a little more feminine and classy.
    As for the name Elizabeth, I think that it is so beautiful! I can't imagine anyone teasing an Elizabeth, it is such a classic, well-loved name. And with so many nns to choose from: Ellie, Lissie, Eliza, Beth, Lisbeth, Elle, E.J (with Jade/Jada/Jaden etc as a middle name), Liza, Lillibet, Betty, Betsey, Libby...). Having so many choices would be such fun for a little girl!

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    What about Elizabeth Aida? I think there are girl names that go with trendy unisex names, but Elizabeth ist not one of them. Elizabeth is one of those extremely classic names, it just doesn't sound that well with Jaden.

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