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    Mabel is my grandmother's name and it's on my long list of girl's names for that reason. I love it!
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    Love it! Not really keen on Ray, but it's OK.

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    I don't like the name Mabel, but it beats Rumer and Scout. (I sort of like Tallulah).

    Some of my Favorite Names:
    Girls: Anna, Alexandra, Anastasia, Lily, Ivy, Isla, Catherine, Cerys, Cara, Ciara, Aislinn, Adriana, Adrienne, Ariana, Alison. Genevieve, Alexa, Fiona, Annabel, Amabel. Angela, Noelle, Amanda, Amelie, Victoria, Sara, Vivienne. Tabitha, Adela, Sylvie
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    Mabel is kinda cute, don't like Ray though, I never really have liked it! But anyways, the names all sound great together!
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