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    I really like the name Josette!

    Nora Jo is pretty!
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    You guys say hillbilly like it's a bad thing!

    I also love the idea of Hannah-Jo. I also like the ideas of lengthening Jo to Josephine, Jolene, or Jocelyn. Jora, Jordan, Jory, Joanna, and Jolie are other nice alternatives. I've also heard of Joellen/Joella.
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    I was at lunch one day discussing names with a co-worker and a stranger came up and started giving input to me on names (maybe she is a fellow berry, who knows!). She told me a long story about her painful labor 40 years prior, fights with her husband over the name, a car accident, yada yada but it ended with her daughter having the name "Jo Clara" (Josephine Clara) and her granddaughter going by "Jo Lauren" (Josephine Lauren). Anyway, at the end of this long story, the point is this is one way to get to Jo that maybe is less "hillbilly."

    My suggestion would be to go with Josephine, Johanna, or Jolene (as previously suggested) and use "Jo" as a nickname.
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    I like the Jo-Ellen suggestion. I also agree that Jo works best with short names that sound like/are nicknames to start with.

    Kitty Jo
    Sophie Jo
    Carrie Jo
    Mabel Jo


    Or even a shortening like Roxanne suggested:

    Josephine Beatrice - Joby/Jo-Bee
    Josette Clarissa - Josie/Jo-C
    Johanna Laurel - Joelle/Jo-Elle

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    I like the idea of Josephine/Joelle/Jolie as a middle name too eg. Primrose Josephine... Rosie-jo. I think it will give her more options as an adult to grow into. I really like suggestion of Ella Josephine Ellie-jo... Or how about
    Willa-jo...Wilhelmina Josephine...
    Lily- jo....Lilian Josephine
    Ava-jo... Avalon Josephine
    Tilly-jo...Matilda Josephine
    Milly-jo.... Camilla Josephine
    Sunny-jo... Susannah Josephine (this one is my fave

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