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    Would you be willing to go the- Josephine (nn Josie), Jolie, Johanna, route? Much prettier options that way I think.

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    I know a Ciara Jo. I'm not totally sure if I like the trend, it sounds really country. But still, it can be really pretty on some girls.

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    I have a co-worker named Kelia (kell-ee-a), which is a nice alternative. I agree that "Jo" as part of a first name does tend to have a sort of "hillbilly" sound but I knew a Sarah Jo and never thought that about her name (though I'm not a fan of Sarah). I prefer Josephine, nn Jo/ JoJo personally, or a "Jo" middle name (i.e. Ella Josephine nn Ellie Jo).
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    I'm not crazy about something-Jo names, but I like the idea of Josephine as a middle name instead, or Kelly as a middle name could work.

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