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    Aug 2012
    Your name:Emmeline Grace Brooks
    Husbands name: Chester Benjamin Brooks
    Live in: Leicester, UK

    1. You have a daughter named Bonnie Paris Brooks
    2. You have another daughter named Rosie Evangeline Brooks
    3. You adopt a French Bulldog named Bruno
    4. You have twins named Maxwell Chester and Holland Annabelle
    5. You move to Arizona, USA
    6. You have another set of twins named Everly Madison and Avalon Zara
    7. You move to Ireland
    8. You have a baby boy named Donovan Riley

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    May 2013
    Live in: Rome, Italy

    DW: May Delilah
    DH: Arthur Maxwell - Elementary School Teacher

    DD/DD: Tallulah Plum "Tally" & Primrose Esme "Prim"
    DD: Matilda Poppy "Tilda"
    DD: Eleanor Rosalie "Nora"
    DD/DS/DD: Vivienne Josephine, Bennett Theodore "Ben", and Violet Isadora
    DS: Henry Oliver

    Fish: Poseidon

    May & Arthur
    Tally, Prim, Tilda, Nora, Vivienne, Ben, Violet, and Henry

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    Your name: Michelle Ivy "Chelle"
    Wife/Husband's name: Benjamin Frank "Benny"

    1. You move to a new country! You move to...
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    2. You have twins! James August & Sylvia June.

    3. You have a baby girl! Audrey Clara.

    4. You adopt a newborn baby! Hugo Charles.

    5. You/your partner gets a new job! Who gets the job and what is it?
    Interior designer

    6. You have triplets! Charlotte May, Olive Willa & Bennett Arthur.

    7. You adopt a pet! What is it {roll the dice} and what do you name it {your choice}
    Puppy, Weston.

    8. You have a baby boy! John Edward.

    Chelle & Benny

    James, Sylvie, Audrey, Hugo, Chuck, Liv, Benny & John.
    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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    Sep 2011
    DH: George Edward
    DW: Nora Josephine
    DD/DD (6): Amelia May "Mia"/Katherine Violet "Katie"
    DD (5): Eleanor Charlotte "Ellie"
    DD (4): Sophia Frances "Sophie"
    DS/DS/DS (2): Arthur Roman "Art"/Leonard Miles "Leo"/Maxwell Oliver "Max"
    DS (nb): Charles Sebastian "Charlie"

    We live in Paris, France.
    Hamster: Montgomery

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    Oct 2011
    The Montgomery Family:

    DH: Alfred James Montgomery *Alfie*
    DW: Eleanor Lilac Montgomery *Nell*

    2014: Adopt newborn boy from Sierra Leone, named Hugo Nathaniel Montgomery.
    2015: Have twin girls named Eloise June and Cordelia Primrose Montgomery *Liddy*
    2016: Alfie gets a new job as a journalist.
    2017: Move to Paris, France for a year for an important story Alfie is working on.
    2018: Have triplets, named Oscar Theodore, Rafferty Miles and Violet Ramona Montgomery.
    2019: Have a baby girl named May Josephine Montgomery.
    2020: Move to Edinburgh, Scotland for the summer for a story Alfie's working on.
    2021: Adopt a kitten named Fiona *Fifi*.

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