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    First daughter Silvia Lyn. Need sibling name.

    Our first daughter is Silvia Lyn.

    I have loved that name since I was a little girl. Silvia was my name in Spanish class in high school. I just have always loved it and knew, that was THE name.

    Its feminine with the gorgeous curvy S, I love the strong stylish V, and most of all its a dream to have a Shakespeare poem written about "Silvia" with the most beautiful words that anyone would hope their daughter could be like.

    Can you tell I love it!?! Lyn is my middle name and I see more as a last name continuation...something I can pass on.

    So, this time around it's too early to know if it's a girl, but were both pretty sure it will be. Just that feeling.

    But, I feel like vie used my "best / favorite" name up...with no backups.

    Ive always liked Ava, but it's far to common now.

    Evelyn and Roslyn have been floating around, but evelyn I don't love the "e" start (doesn't feel as feminine) and my husband.s cousin is Roslyn and she goes by Rosie which he doesn't like. He's against it because he has friends that go by Ros and we both aren't fans of names that easily get shortened.

    We like traditional names that aren't too common. We both have art backgrounds / careers so I think we might be able to get away with more, name wise, than some.

    My husband out of the blue says he likes Violet. I would have never picked that. I'm trying to stay open as Ive said I like "v"s but today "violent" popped into my head. Eww. That hasn't deterred my hubby, but I'm not sold.

    Any help for alternatives to my one and only true name love Silvia?

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    Violaine? (vee oh lehn)... does this conjour up violent for you?

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    Violaine is one i havent heard of before. I like that its interesting! Thanks for the suggestion....But, i might be open to something that rolls off the tongue a bit quicker/easier...pronunciation without question.

    Kerrie you've been in my head a bit. Audrey is a name my sister suggested. I do like the sophisticated with a touch of potential sass it has.... The tone of it reminds me of Silvia. "aud" sound isn't as fem, but it's good overall.

    Cecilia I am really down for. I think the C is curvy and fem. Is it pretty standard that people go by CeCe though? For that reason I was thinking Celia maybe.

    Elise is a name I have liked for a looooong time. One of my best friend in elementary school was Elise, so it has nice history. My husband didn't bite on that one....but the "l" and "s" sounds in it is what gets me liking it.

    Vivian is ANOTHER one I've thought of for awhile. I think it's visually gorgeous, super fem, hard to shorten unless you're close friends who call you viv...but not something in the work place / school / etc....which I like. It might be a bit snooty, but I don't mind. Maybe I'll do some campaigning to my husband for this one. Voilet seems like it's trying to be creative, where I think these more traditional but not common names are more genuinely creative.

    Vanessa is another one ive always appreciated, but is a bit common and is my husbands sister's name and would want something fresh. My moms name is wendy and if I ever did a name sake it would be her, but my husband doesn't like the food chain reference which I get.

    Jovienne is a new one for me. I kind of like Joslyn. There's the ray Lahmontagne song Jolene. ....not sure.....

    Giselle is a super sexy hot name. I cant help but think of the model and the exoticness of it. I really like it, but not sure if I've got the gumption to use it. Lol

    Thanks for all the names... This helps me brew on this some more.

    Any other ideas are welcome. Love this site!

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    Christiana Marie
    Ellen Hazel
    Delilah Katherine
    Phillipa Anne
    Caroline Aurora
    Clementine Arianne
    Hermione Willow
    Cecelia Antoinette
    Liliana Hope
    Vivian Louise
    Jacquelyn Kate


    PS Giselle is beautiful and not out there at all.
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