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    I care more about how much I love the name rather than its popularity. If there were 2 names I loved equally, I suppose I would pick the less popular one. I wouldn't give up my favorite names if they were popular. Anyway, how many people have chosen a less common name only to see it climb quickly up the charts a few years later... When I was a child, I wanted a popular name!

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    For me, I don't know if there is a name that's too popular. Olivia is in my top 3, and it's in the top 5 nationally, and I would still use it, absolutely! Just because it's popular doesn't mean that it suddenly becomes any less wonderful of a name. I grew up with a top 1 name (it was number 2 when I was born, but became number 1 four years later when my sister was born), and I didn't have any negative effects because of it--I actually loved it! I would use any name I loved, regardless of its popularity. I'm not sure I would use a number one or two name, but number 3 is definitely fine by me (I think Olivia is number 4 atm)... Then again, if Olivia rose to number 1 by the time I adopt, I would still probably use it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nosamanthas View Post
    Top 1000 ideally, but I think 500 is a good rule of thumb, too. Two of my girls are outside of the Top 1000, the other is in the #250s now but wasn't when we named her, and we wouldn't have if it had been. I still love the name and don't regret it at all, but I like distinct names. If there are going to be ten other Charlottes in her class, why bother? This is just my philosophy on naming, so no offense to anyone who doesn't care about popularity, but I feel like naming your daughter Sophia now is like naming her Samantha in 1990.
    I doubt even with a name that is number 1 or 2 that there would be ten other kids with the same name in one class....

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    Its hard for me. In Ireland, our top 20 is pretty much what the American top 20 was like 10-15 years ago. Most of the popular names here are extremely, extremely dated (think Katie, Megan, Allison, Stephanie, Nicole).

    There is a high possibility that if our economy doesn't improve in the next 5 years, we'll be emigrating. Where? Why knows. Its likely to be Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

    So when I was choosing names for our girls, I practically completely disregarded the statistics for Ireland. Instead, I looked at lists from the UK, USA, and Australia, and used those to determine how popular my favourites are.

    For example, Aidan. Aidan (and his Aiden, Ayden etc variants) are in the top 10 in America. In ireland, Aidan ranks in at around #112. There were 7 boys named Aidan born in Ireland last year. Now compare that to the USA and its crazy how different it is!

    So yeah, I basically use other countrys' statistics instead of my own generic list. Its the only way I can avoid the common names.
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    I try to at least avoid the top 10 and 20 if I can. But other than that, if I like it then I'm okay with using a little more popular name. My name was #3 or #4 the year I was born and I've never been scarred or affected in any way by having a popular name.

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