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    Question When is a name too popular?

    At what number on the SSA name list do you consider a name to be too popular?

    I know that popularity varies from region to region, but that doesn't stop me from rejecting names that are in the top 500. Actually, make that 900.

    Which number scares you off?

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    Top 10 I'd absolutely avoid. But it really does depend on the name. My example is the name Audrey. I love the name but (if I remember correctly) it's in the top 50 which I'd like to avoid. However, I really love the name, so I think as long as it stays where it is or lower, I might still use it (obviously depending on my fiance's choices). Another thing is that there are few variations of the name. There may be some Audrees or Audries out there but there's definitely not as many variations as there are for say, Mackenzie (McKenzie, Makenzie, Makenzee, etc). So that depends too.

    The popularity in my state matters more also since those are the kids my future kids will be going to school with. I like the name Carter, which isn't THAT popular in the US. But here in MN, it's a top 10 name. So I'm more likely to run into little Carters here in MN than if I lived in say, FL (I don't think it's as popular there).

    In general I'd like to avoid the top 100, but it really depends on the name for me. Top 15 I think is an absolute no for me since I have a top 10 name from the year I was born (I think it was #1 or #2, can't remember).

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    I don't honestly pay attention to any of the popularity lists except for the ones in my province. I wouldn't use a top 10 name for sure, probably not a top 100, but anything past that would be okay. My favorite boys name is very high up in either Australia or New Zealand, can't remember which, I think it has been, or is, number one there recently, which is a-okay with me, because it's barely used here. My girls names don't rank on the top 1000 even as far as I know, and that's fine by me!
    I had a really really common name growing up, a Kimberly born in the 80's! Common isn't a bad thing, but it's just not for me!

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    Top Fifty is iffy with Top Ten being out for me, although if I absolutely loved the name I would still consider it. Loving the name is the most important consideration for me.

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    I don't have a number... but out of my top 10, there are only 3 names in the top 1000 (Iris, Louis & Simon, with Simon being in the mid-200s, Louis in the mid-300s and Iris in the higher part of the 300s).
    Popularity doesn't bother me, but I tend not to be interested in the really popular ones.
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