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    Eh...I know two Hadleys under the age of 2. And I live in the sparsely populated South Dakota. That said, I almost named my son Evangelos and I'm glad I didn't because a family moved here who has a son named Evangelos. It's a pretty rare name. My daughter Crimson also has a rare name, it's never been in the top 1000, yet there were two others (that I know of) in the town of 25,000 people where she was born...and another one with a very, very similar last name in our current town of 10,000 people. At least they aren't in the same grade, but they are only two grades apart and both Crimson S. The ENTIRE reason I named her Crimson was so that she wouldn't have more than one of her in school. That's what ya call failure right there!! I guess my point is that you can't really avoid such a random thing, even when it's your goal! But if you really, really want to avoid that in the future, I'd skip Hadley and name the baby Holly or Sharon.
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    If you were going to name your baby boy that name if he was a girl then you obviously love it. Sounds like popularity of the name would have went up anyway. Who cares by popularity. Names are names and we share them in this world. So what? If your son was going to be named say Ava if he was a girl and you loved it then and now name your kid your dream name. She'll be your only Ava or whatever. GL

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    Popularity really does bother me, but sometimes there are exceptions. Maybe you should start paying attention to the kids names you hear while you're out and about and see if you ever hear of any little Hadley's. Lucy is the exception on my list because with all the childcares I've been to and worked in, I've never actually met a little Lucy. I know one that is my age and another that is a couple of years older, but none that are small even though it's about 25 in popularity for my state. It just depends. Sometimes a popular name might not be quite so popular on your town.

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    Popularity is a major issue for me. I have a name that has always been somewhere near the top 10, and growing up there were three others in my class with the same name. We all had different nicknames (though not necessarily our idea) just to distinguish us. I'm now a college professor, and every year I have at least one Brittney in my classes. One year I had four in the same class! Whether it's fair or not, on a subconscious level I think I tend remember those students who have less common names, although I often pity the ones whose parents have opted for the creative spelling or the completely unpronounceable name. I favor classic names that are not trendy or overly popular, and I will never give a child a name in the top 100.

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