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Thread: Opinions? :)

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    Opinions? :)

    Hello! I was wondering if I could get some feedback on these names, and some new suggestions! Here is the list of favorites:


    I love them all for different reasons! Liev, Sorin and Xavier are all old-fashioned and strong sounding but they also seem to have a soft side to them. Aurelius is just cool and interesting! Teifryn is practically unheard of which is cool, but it has almsot a classic sound to it. Some might think Zealand is a bit of a stretch, but I love it! I like place names, but most of them are so overused! I've never heard of a Zealand, and it sounds awesome! His nickname could be Zea, which I love too!

    Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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    I'm on the fence about Zealand, I do not hate it, but I'm not sure if I like it either. To be fair though, I've never been a fan of place names so I'm a bit biased. As far as place names go however, I will say that I think you took an interesting turn to it. I've never seen this named used either! So good job on that point.

    I hate Teifryn, and Kade. I just don't like the sound. I am okay with Liev/Lief as a name. I like Xavier but it's a bit popular these days, which isn't necessarily a deterrent.

    My absolute favorites are Sorin (although I spell it Soren) and Aurelius! I just adore those names. The only downside to Soren for me is that it means "Strict and stern" but even that isn't a big deal. There isn't a thing I don't like about Aurelius.
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    I'm a lover of out there boy names, so your list is right up my alley! <3

    Kade - This one is actually a bit too trendy for me!
    Aurelius - You'll have pronunciation issues, just like every other awesome boy's name. But it has a very strong look to it.
    Xavier - Again, soooo trendy where I live. Xavier, Xander, Xayden, Zavier, Zander, and Zayden. I see these names constantly.
    Liev - Hmm, I'm not sure on this one.
    Sorin - I love Soren. In a similar vein, I like Torrin and Tallon as well. Saroyan and Sinclair might also have a similar feel for you.
    Teifryn - Not a fan of this, sorry.
    Zealand - LOVE! My favorite on your list after Sorin/Soren. Newlyn might be something similar to Zealand in style/
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    Kade - I like the sound, but it seems too... I dunno...
    Aurelius - I like the meaning of it, but I'm not a fan of the look or sound.
    Xavier - I like it.
    Liev - It's alright, nms.
    Sorin - I like the nature-y names! Just watch out of the sore begining. My name is Eros, and the fact that it's sore backwards bugs me, though not enough that I would have changed it.
    Teifryn - I'm not sure how to pronounce, which is new for me... Is it ty-frin? I think it's cool, not amazing, but cool.
    Zealand - I LOVE this! It has great context and nice sound and look. Plus Zea is adorable!

    How do you like:

    Wow. Every one of those started with S haha

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    Teifryn is pronounced Tave-rin. Awesome to hear that people like Zealand... I love it so much! I kind of like Sorrel too!

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