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    A Name for a Female Serial Killer! Fun fun fun!

    This character is a female serial killer from the 1920s. She was a beautiful girl, tall and slim with dark brown hair and big blue eyes, from a very wealthy family with a long line of suitors. She married one of those suitors, who was very devoted to her, but she cheated on him with someone else. Because her family was Catholic, they would have disowned her if she got a divorce. So, she took the easy way out: killed her husband. She got away with it for two years, eventually moving in with her boyfriend. Then, she found out he was cheating on her. She caught him in the act, killing both him and his mistress. After that, she killed more people, between 25 to 30, mostly targeting married couples and single, wealthy men. One of those men fathered her only child, a daughter, but she killed him, too. The woman was finally caught in 1931 and executed via electric chair in 1932. Her last words were, as she handed a letter to the minister in attendance, "Give this to my daughter--for when she is old enough to understand." The press, law enforcement, and historians have dubbed her the "Black Rose": beautiful and deadly

    What would you name this woman? First, middle, and last name

    Also, if you have any name suggestions for any other characters, feel free to add them. Thanks everyone!

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    A cool tie in might be using a name that means rose, such as Rhoda, or one that means black or has a connection to black, like Odessa or Dahlia or Melanie.
    Dahlia Rhoda Hughes
    Rhoda Odessa Hughes
    Melanie Rose Hughes

    For her daughter, maybe a name with a positive meaning or a virtue name, to combat the dark nature of her mother?

    And for some of the men:
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    Love your story, it sounds so cool! Just one thing I noticed is that she seemed to have a perfectly normal childhood, and with serial killers, this is not the case. As she kills men who cheat, why not make it so that her father cheated on her mother? The more extreme, the better, I believe. Good luck

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    A female serial killer from the 1920s? Cool.

    I would name her Gladys Claire Quimby.
    Later she became: Gladys "The Black Rose" Quimby Penrose.

    Her first husband: Gary Shepherd.

    Her boyfriend, following the death of ol' Shep: Jonathan Walsh

    Peter's mistress' name: Beatrice Kittinger.

    Father/caretaker of Dorothy's child: Adam Penrose.

    Dorothy's child's name: Felicia Gladys Quimby Penrose.

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