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    Juliana vs. Julianna?

    Does anyone else think Julianna would be pn a-nuh (a as an cat) and Juliana would be pn ah-nuh (ah as in cot)? Do you think they are pn'd the same?
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    Yes to the different pronunciations. I'd think people would sometimes pronounce Juliana as -anna too though, maybe because aw-nuh sounding endings aren't very common here. I prefer Juliana because it is less clunky looking, and I'd probably just say it as -anna because I like that sound better haha.
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    I do! I love Juliana but Julianna seems much clunkier to me. It's the same way for all -ana/-anna endings (Ariana as opposed to Arianna, Liliana as opposed to Lilianna, Viviana as opposed to Vivianna, etc.)--with the exception of Giovanna, which I've heard is -ah-nah regardless. I can't seem to understand how Arianna equals "are-ee-ah-nah" to some, but maybe that's just me.
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    I pronounce them like you.

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    I'd not be sure which way either was pronounced until someone clarified. But if I had to say, i'd be inclined to say that Juliana is pronounced Julie-ARR-nah, and Julianna is pronounced Julie-AN-na.

    I like both versions, but in the UK i think the difference in pronunciation wouldn't come with spelling, it would come with regional accents. The south favoring my first pronunciation, and the north favoring the second. In the same way that the 'A' in "Bath" is pronounced differently in different places.

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