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Thread: Family Tree

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    DH: Nathan Michael McNeil
    DW: Andrea Elise *Watson* McNeil
    -living in Raleigh. NC
    DS1: Maison Lucius McNeil
    DD1: Eden Magnolia McNeil
    DD2: Grace Bryn McNeil
    DS2: Ford Byron McNeil
    DS3: Harrison Gray McNeil

    DS1: Maison Lucius McNeil
    DW: Melissa Claire *Allen* McNeil "Missy"
    DS: John Lucas McNeil "Luke"

    DD1: Eden Magnolia *McNeil* Roberts
    DH: James Alexander Roberts
    DD: Caroline Blair Roberts
    DD: Madeline Kay Roberts "Maddie"
    DS: Samuel Grant Roberts "Sam"
    DS: Jacob Neil Roberts

    DD2: Grace Bryn *McNeil* Anderson
    DH: John Timothy Anderson
    DD: Sloane Claire Anderson
    DS: Reed Walker Anderson

    DS2: Ford Byron McNeil
    DW: Jennifer Leigh *Parker* McNeil "Jenny"
    DS: Rex Alain McNeil
    DS: Leo Rainier McNeil

    DS3: Harrison Gray McNeil
    DW: Catherine Marie *Young* McNeil "Cate"
    DS: Spencer Thomas McNeil
    DS: Maxwell Clayton McNeil "Max"
    DS: Jonah Harrison McNeil

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    dannilynnalexis Guest
    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Ava Kate
    His Name: Jason Michael
    Where do you live? Boston

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    Child One: Victoire Marcella 'Elle'
    Child Two: Kingston Sage
    Child Three: Elizabeth Wren 'Beth'
    Child Four: Serra Dylan 'Dylan'
    Child Five: Presley Faith

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}
    First Child: Victoire Marcella 'Elle'
    Partner: Daniel James
    DD: Caroline Estelle
    DS: William John 'Liam'
    DD: Emma Josephine

    Second Child: Kingston Sage
    Partner: Noel Marie
    DS: Edward Neil
    DS: Anthony Vaughn

    Third Child: Elizabeth Wren 'Beth'
    Partner: Benjamin Joel 'Benji'
    DD: Claire Irene
    DD: Georgia Honor
    DD: Madeleine Grace
    DD: Audrey Joanna
    DD: Sawyer Emerson

    Fourth Child: Serra Dylan 'Dylan'
    Partner: Bentley Aedan
    DS: Luca Olivier
    DS: Jasper Aubin
    DS: Gergor Maxence
    DS: Harvey Mathis
    DD: Lucienne Matilda 'Luci'

    Fifth Child: Presley Faith
    Partner: Hunter Matthew

    DD: Victoria Edith
    DD: Adelaide Catherine
    DD: Stella Jane
    DD: Lydia Charlotte
    DD: Aurora Emily

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    May 2011
    Brno, Czech republic
    DW: Bianca Dove (63)
    DH: Percy Amos (68)
    --Denver, Co

    DS: Roux Atticus (41)
    DS: Reno Stone (40)
    DS: Robert Dune (38)
    DS: Raeburn Hugo (35)
    DD: Rihanna Blair (33)

    Roux Atticus and Elizabeth Ann
    -- DD: Charlotte Marie (16)
    -- DS: Frederick John (14)

    Reno Stone and Aubrey Lila
    --DD: Florence Bryn (18)
    --DS: Theodore Blue (15)
    --DD: Margaret Bell (12)
    --DS: Edward Birch (9)

    Robert Dune and Mercy Fionna
    --DD: Anna Claire (12)
    --DS: Felix Arthur (10)
    --DD: Flora Irene (7)
    --DS: Henry Philip (5)
    --DD: Bella Ruth (2)

    Raeburn Hugo and Isabelle Dorothy
    --DD: Elodie Lettice (11)
    --DD: Manon Alice (7)
    --DS: Callum Basile (6)

    Rihanna Blair and James Parker
    --DS: Archibald Ben (8)
    --DD: Cordelia Daisy (6)
    --DS/DD: Edwin Francis and Grace Helen (3)
    --DD: Isabella Josephine (1)

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    Ohio, USA
    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Lana Francine Holowitz Janinski
    His Name: Harvey Thomas Janinski

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    Child One: Boy, Terre Cornelius Janinski
    Child Two: Boy, Reno River Janinski
    Child Three: Girl, Katherine Muse Janinski
    Child Four: Boy, Kenzo Nash Janinski
    Child Five: Boy, Bing Brady Janinski

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}
    First Child: Terre Cornelius Janinski
    Partner: Inez Dolores St. Pierre-Janinski
    6 Children, 4 boys and 2 girls, Charles Henri, Leopold Marius, Jasper Alexander, Philip Emmanuel, Alice Louise, and Isabella Maria Janinski

    Second Child: Reno River Janinski
    Partner: Ziva Maliyah Petorius-Janinski
    1 Child, a boy, Leo Paul Janinski

    Third Child: Katherine Muse Janinski Masterson
    Partner: Daniel Allen Masterson
    1 Child, a boy, Owen Alcott Masterson

    Fourth Child: Kenzo Nash Janinski
    Partner: Mila Colette Fredds Janinski
    2 Children, 2 boys, Archie Rainier and Barnaby Laurent Janinski

    Fifth Child: Bing Brady Janinski
    Partner: Barbie Eileen Piers Janinski
    5 Children, 2 boys and 3 girls, August David, Calvin Charles, Emma Claire, Sabrina Rose, and Lydia Margaret Janinski

    Current Favorites
    August - Daniel - Erik - Heath - Leo - Ronan
    Eliza - Eve - Johanna - Lana - Matilda - Zanna

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    Jan 2013
    Tier One {You and DH}
    Your Name: Emily Joy Gallagher
    His Name: Michael James Gallagher
    Where do you live: Sunshine Coast

    Tier Two {Your Children}
    Child One: Jolie Laurentia Gallagher
    Child Two: Sierra Willow Gallagher
    Child Three: Olivia Scout Gallagher
    Child Four: Jasper Hugo Gallagher
    Child Five: Marley Faith Gallagher

    Tier Three {Your Grandchildren}
    First Child: Jolie Laurentia Holmes
    Partner: Christian Oliver Holmes
    Child One: Amelia Charlotte Holmes
    Child Two: Thomas Gabriel Holmes
    Child Three: Eleanor Sophie Holmes
    Child Four: William Nicholas Holmes
    Child Five: Sarah Estelle Holmes

    Second Child: Sierra Willow Leichardt
    Partner: Oscar Theodore Leichardt
    Child One: Joseph Tate Leichardt
    Child Two: Eliza Fay Leichardt
    Child Three: Laura Paige Leichardt
    Child Four: Rachel Kate Leichardt

    Third Child: Olivia Scout James
    Partner: Lucas Andrew James
    Child One: Lucy Margaret James
    Child Two: Charlie Frances James
    Child Three: Harry Parker James

    Fourth Child: Jasper Hugo Gallagher
    Partner: Hailey Rose Gallagher
    Child One: Clea Hermione Gallagher
    Child Two: Lilou Philippa Gallagher

    Fifth Child: Marley Faith McGill
    Partner: Matthew Thomas McGill
    Child One: August Charles McGill
    Child Two: Ada Caroline McGill

    My Name: Emily Joy
    My Husband's Name: Michael James
    My Children:
    - Jolie Laurentia
    - Sierra Willow
    - Olivia Scout
    - Jasper Hugo
    - Marley Faith
    My Grandchildren:
    - Amelia Charlotte
    - Thomas Gabriel
    - Eleanor Sophie
    - William Nicholas
    - Sarah Estelle
    - Joseph Tate
    - Eliza Fay
    - Laura Paige
    - Rachel Kate
    - Lucy Margaret
    - Charlie Frances
    - Harry Parker
    - Clea Hermione
    - Lilou Phillipa
    - August Charles
    - Ada Caroline
    Girls: Aria Charlotte, Ava Giselle
    Boys: Harper Nathaniel, Beau Alexander

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