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Thread: Family Tree

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    Apr 2010
    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Florence Ellie Cruz
    His Name: Michael Jude Cruz
    Where do you live?
    Jersey City, NJ

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    3 children - B/B/G

    Child One:
    Roux Felix Cruz

    Child Two:
    Devon River Cruz

    Child Three:
    Louise Lux Cruz

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}
    First Child: Roux Felix Cruz
    Partner: Caroline Josie Cruz
    3 children G/B/G
    Philippa Virginia Cruz
    Charles Samuel Cruz
    Cecily Barbara Cruz

    Second Child: Devon River Cruz
    Partner: Hattie Elizabeth Cruz
    4 children B/B/B/G
    Vincent John Cruz
    Henry Seth Cruz
    Jacob Charles Cruz
    Kate Dove Cruz

    Third Child: Louise Lux Brooks
    Partner: James William Brooks
    5 children - B/G/B/B/G
    Noah Anderson Brooks
    Clementine Honor Brooks
    Elijah Edward Brooks
    Liam Parker Brooks
    Charlotte Portia Brooks

    Flo, Mike & kids: Roux, Devon, Louise.
    Roux, Carol & kids: Pippa, Charlie, Ceci.
    Devon, Hattie & kids: Vince, Harry, Jake, Kate.
    Lou, James & kids: Noah, Clem, Eli, Liam, Lottie.
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    West Midlands, UK
    Me: Jenifer Lilian. Him: Gregory Henry. Together we live in the West Midlands, England, where we raised our five children: Maison Atticus, Adelaide Wren, Albert Dane, Weston Tennyson, and Everly Skye. ~Jen (60) and Greg (67) with: Maison (38), Adi (36), Alby (36), West (31), and Ever (28).~ They have all flown the nest now and have children of their own. Maison and his partner Elise have born us six grandchildren: Edmund Nikolai, Caroline Maria, Matilda Carmen, Arthur James, Henry Louis, and Thomas John. ~Maison (38) and Elise (38) with: Edmund (15), Cally (14), Matti (10), Art (8), Henry (6), and Thoams (5).~ Adi and her husband Steven have had just one less than her big brother: Alice Gwen, Beatrice Mae, Francis Cole, Eleanor True, and Vincent Seth. ~ Adi (36) and Steve (39) with: Ali (13), Tris (10), Frankie (7), Ellie (4), and Vince (4).~ Alby and his girlfriend Shanae have got 3 but I feel more on the way: Addison Schuyler, Arabella Ruth, and Aidan Parker.~Alby (36) and Shan (29) with: Addi (11), Bella (6), and Aidan (2).~ West and his on-off partner Eve have got 3 little girls: Elodie Cerys, Lucienne Isla, and Fleur Jessamy.~West (31) and Eve (30) with: Elodie (9), Luce (8), and Fleur (2).~ Lastly my youngest daughter, Ever, and her boyfriend since teenage-hood have already got 6! And we're hoping they stop there: Abigail Rose, Caleb Max, Isaac Lee, Isabella Kate, Theo Ben, and Rebecca Claire.~Ever (28) and Tyler (30) with: Abi (10), Caleb (7), Zak (7), Izzy (3), Theo (16mo), and Becky(nb).~
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    My name: Angeline Janvier
    His name: Gaspard Janvier
    London, England

    Child 1: Boy - Roux Cyprian Janvier
    Child 2: Girl - Catalina Avis Janvier
    Child 3: Girl - Irene Fleur Janvier
    Child 4: Girl - Titian Millay Janvier
    Child 5: Girl - Avril Skye Janvier

    Child 1: Roux Cyprian Janvier
    Partner: Annette Marie Lavigne
    Grandchild 1: Boy - Nicholas Valentin Janvier
    Grandchild 2: Girl - Sophia Estelle Janvier
    Grandchild 3: Girl - Victoria Louise Janvier
    Grandchild 4: Boy - Philip Guillaume Janvier
    Grandchild 5: Girl - Isabella Ninette Janvier

    Child 2: Catalina Avis Janvier
    Partner: George Harrison Thorne
    Grandchild 1: Boy - Alexander Nash Thorne
    Grandchild 2: Boy - Jonathan Grant Thorne
    Grandchild 3: Boy - Christopher Knox Thorne
    Grandchild 4: Boy - Samuel Finn Thorne

    Child 3: Irene Fleur Janvier
    Partner: Quinten Leonard Devereux
    Grandchild 1: Boy - Graham Reed Devereux
    Grandchild 2: Girl - Allegra Grace Devereux
    Grandchild 3: Girl - Natalie Schuyler Devereux
    Grandchild 4: Girl - Francesca Ruth Devereux
    Grandchild 5: Boy - Sebastian Hugh Devereux

    Child 4: Titian Millay Janvier
    Partner: Sawyer James McFaden
    Grandchild 1: Girl - Isaline Cerys McFaden-Janvier
    Grandchild 2: Boy - Hamish Alain McFaden-Janvier
    Grandchild 3: Boy - Lachlan Thibaut McFaden-Janvier
    Grandchild 4: Boy - Inigo Rainier McFaden-Janvier
    Grandchild 5: Girl - Leonie Imogen McFaden-Janvier

    Child 5: Avril Skye Janvier
    Partner: Maximilian Avery James
    Grandchild 1: Boy - Spencer Clayton James

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    Tier One
    DW: Sophia Primrose
    DH: Charles Noah
    Live: Goldcoast, Queensland, Australia

    Tier Two
    DD1: Mirabelle Valentina "Mira"
    DD2: Florence Ivy
    DD3: Alice Wren
    DS1: Blake Hugo
    DD4: Etta Maeve

    Tier Three

    First Child: Mirabelle Valentina & Toby Elliott
    DD1: Adelaide Sophie "Addie"

    Second Child: Florence Ivy & Holden Alexander
    DD1: Virginia Rose "Ginny"
    DS1: Alexander Charles "Xander"
    DD2: Beatrice Kate "Bea"
    DS2: Theodore John "Theo"
    DS3: William Lee "Will"

    Third Child: Alice Wren & Henry Caleb "Hal"
    DS1: Ezra Francis

    Fourth Child: Blake Hugo & Claudie Juliette
    DS1: Barnaby Luc "Barney"
    DS2: Rex Olivier
    DD1: Isaline Iris "Izzy"

    Fifth Child: Etta Maeve & Quentin James
    DD1: Phoebe Jane
    DS1: Rupert Max
    DD2: Nell Elizabeth
    DS2: August Levi "Gus"
    DS3: Jude Oscar
    DD3: Clementine Daisy "Clemmie"

    Sophia & Charles + Mira, Toby & Addie, Florence, Holden, Ginny, Xander, Bea, Theo & Will, Alice, Hal & Ezra, Blake, Claudie, Barney, Rex & Izzy and Etta, Quentin, Phoebe, Rupert, Nell, Gus, Jude & Clemmie

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    Tier One:
    My Name: Lauren Ellana 'Ellie' Seals
    His Name: Cody Everett Hudson
    Where do you live?: Portland, Oregon

    Tier Two:
    Child 1, DD: Victoire Drusilla
    Child 2, DD: Geneva Wren 'Genny'
    Child 3, DD: Charlotte Neve 'Charlie'
    Child 4, DD: Serra Marlowe
    Child 5, DS: Wolfgang Chance 'Wolf'

    Tier Three:

    First Child: Victoire Drusilla Morell (nee Hudson)
    Partner: Alec Evan Morell
    DD: Agatha Nicoline
    DS: Edmund Pieter
    DD: Edith Josephine
    DD: Isabella Therese
    DS: Jasper Lucas
    DS: Harold James

    Second Child: Geneva Wren 'Genny' Rue-Hudson
    Partner: Katherine Selene Rue-Hudson
    DD: Irene Kate
    DS: Walter Cole
    DS: Anthony Penn
    DS: Louis Brock
    DD: Eliza June

    Third Child: Charlotte Neve 'Charlie' Adams (nee Hudson)
    Partner: Drake Timothy Adams
    DS: Christian Hugh
    DD: Felicity Claire
    DS: Spencer Paul
    DD: Dorothea Ruth
    DS: Dashiell Reed
    DD: Allegra Grace

    Fourth Child: Serra Marlowe Chase (nee Hudson)
    Partner: Liam Patrick Chase
    DS: Gregor Alain
    DS: Harvey Luc
    DD: Clemence Eugenie
    DS: Duncan Olivier

    Fifth Child: Wolfgang Chance 'Wolf' Hudson
    Partner: Maritza Lourdes 'Mari' Hudson (nee Sifuentes)
    DD: Cecilia Anne
    DD: Ruby Theresa

    Ellie and Cody have: Victoire, Genny, Charlie, Serra, and Wolf.
    Grandchildren: Agatha, Teddy, Edie, Bella, Jas, and Harry; Irene, Walt, Tony, Louis, and Liza; Christopher, Spencer, Thea, Dash, and Allegra; Gregor, Harvey, Clemence, and Duncan; Cecilia and Ruby.

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