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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Ruby Geneva Kingston
    His Name: Humphrey Walter Kingston
    Where do you live? Oxfordshire, England

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    (Roll for Gender; Even = Boy, Odd = Girl)
    Child One: Alea Maxima

    Child Two: Geneva Iris

    Child Three: Katherine Plum

    Child Four: Jasper Hugo

    Child Five: Etta Maeve

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}

    First Child: Alea
    Partner: Luca
    They have three sons: Rupert Oscar, Leopold Felix and Arthur Casimir

    Second Child: Geneva
    Partner: Ryan
    They have two daughters: Martha Mae and Eleanor June

    Third Child: Katherine
    Partner: Matteo
    They have one daughter: Daisy Beatrice

    Fourth Child: Jasper
    Partner: Amelie
    They have two daughters: Severine Araminta and Romane Catriona

    Fifth Child: Etta
    Partner: Maxwell
    They have one daughter: Penelope Nina

    Ruby and Humphrey have five children: Alea, Geneva, Katherine, Jasper and Etta. "Allie, Eva, Kitty, Jazz and Etta"
    Alea and Luca have three sons: Arthur, Leopold and Rupert "Arthur, Leo and Ru"
    Geneva and Ryan have two daughters: Martha and Eleanor "Martha and Nora"
    Katherine and Matteo have a daughter: Daisy
    Jasper and Amelie have two daughters: Severine and Romane "Vera and Roma"
    Etta and Maxwell have a daughter: Penelope "Poppy"
    Katie Charlotte.

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