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Thread: Family Tree

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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Alexis
    His Name: Weston
    Where do you live? Montana

    Tier Two {Your Children}:

    Child One: Elle Livia

    Child Two: Sierra Ivy

    Child Three: Charlotte Bree

    Child Four: Ryder Giovanni

    Child Five: Miles Eli

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}

    First Child: Elle Livia
    Partner: Henry Michell
    {Roll dice for number of children} 4- even, odd, odd, even
    {Roll dice for gender; Even = Boy, Odd = Girl}
    Girl Names: Sophia Alice & Isabella Marie
    Boy Names: Henry Nikolai & William Gabriel

    Second Child: Sierra Ivy
    Partner: Shawn Jacob
    {Roll dice for number of children} 2- even, odd
    {Roll dice for gender; Even = Boy, Odd = Girl}
    Girl Names: Olivia Faith
    Boy Names: Nathan James

    Third Child: Charlotte Bree
    Partner: Gavin Wyatt
    {Roll dice for number of children} 4- odd, odd, even, odd
    {Roll dice for gender; Even = Boy, Odd = Girl}
    Girl Names: Ava Claire, Maya Grace, & Gabriella Caroline
    Boy Names: Hayden Reed

    Fourth Child: Ryder Giovanni
    Partner: Kayleeana Nichole
    {Roll dice for number of children} 3- even, even, even
    {Roll dice for gender; Even = Boy, Odd = Girl}
    Boy Names: Callum Gabin, Luca Blaise, Rhys Oliver

    Fifth Child: Miles Eli
    Partner: Mackenzie Rianne
    {Roll dice for number of children} 5- even, odd, odd, even, even
    {Roll dice for gender; Even = Boy, Odd = Girl}
    Girl Names: Emma Rose & Ella Elizabeth
    Boy Names: Emmett Christian, Ethan Patrick, & Elias Levi

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    Tier One {You and DH}:
    Your Name: Allison Marie (Allie)
    His Name: James Michael (Michael
    Where do you live? Portland, Oregon

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    Child One: Boy
    Name: Roux Atticus

    Child Two: Boy
    Name: Caspian Bay

    Child Three: Boy (Again!)
    Name - Andrew Kai

    Child Four: Boy (Again!)
    Name - Ellis Dryden

    Child Five: Girl (Finally!)
    Name - Aaliyah Jade

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}

    First Child: Roux Atticus
    Partner: Katherine Marie
    Children: 3, Boy/Girl/Girl
    Girl Names: Sarah Eloise, and Emma Marie
    Boy Names: William Samuel

    Second Child: Caspian Bay
    Partner: Victoria Felicity
    Children: 4, Girl/Boy/Boy/Girl
    Girl Names: Olivia Bryn and Alice Kate
    Boy Names: Edward Paul and Alexander Tate

    Third Child: Andrew Kai
    Partner: Julia Noelle
    Children: 5, Girl/Boy/Boy/Girl/Boy
    Girl Names: Madelyn Anna and Audrey Grace
    Boy Names: Isaac Reed, Owen Josiah, and Simon Carter

    Fourth Child: Ellis Dryden
    Partner: Rhonwen Iris
    Children: 6, Boy/Girl/Boy/Boy/Girl/Girl
    Girl Names: Clea Imogen, Elodie Lydia, Maeva Poppy
    Boy Names: Lachlan Blaise, Jasper Remi, and Rhys Gabin

    Fifth Child:
    Children: 5, Girl/Girl/Girl/Girl/Girl
    Girl Names: Amelia Helen, Ella Lucy, Aurora Molly, Clara Rose, and Sabrina Anne

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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Juliette Blythe Hastings
    His Name: Benjamin Quinton Hastings
    Where do you live? Oregon

    Child #1: Parc Felix Hastings

    Child #2: Boston Sage Hastings

    Child #3: Katherine Pearl Hastings (Kate)

    Child #4: Georgia Dove Hastings

    Child #5: Quincy Morgan Hastings (Quince)

    First Child: Parc
    Partner: Zoe Madeline
    Child 1: Sophia Marie Hastings (Sophie)
    Child 2: Philippa Therese Hastings (Pippa)
    Child 3: Jasper Gabriel Hastings

    Second Child: Boston
    Partner: Evelyn Grace (Evie)
    Child 1: Benjamin Grant Hastings (Benji)
    Child 2: Julian Tate Hastings (Jules)
    Child 3: Frederick Nash Hastings (Freddie)
    Child 4: Eliza Paige Hastings
    Child 5: Simon Cole Hastings

    Third Child: Kate
    Partner: Elliot Nicholas Hinson
    Child 1: Violet Portia Hinson
    Child 2: Sebastian Reed Hinson (Bas)
    Child 3: Christian Walker Hinson

    Fourth Child: Georgia
    Partner: Adam Spencer Weston
    Child 1: Duncan Blaise Weston
    Child 2: Piers Rainier Weston
    Child 3: Rhys Valentin Weston

    Fifth Child: Quince
    Partner: Vivian Pearl
    Child 1: Phoebe Caroline Hastings
    Child 2: Ezekiel Nicholas Hastings (Zeke)
    Child 3: Olivia Claire Hastings (Livvy)
    Child 4: Phineas Timothy Hastings (Finn)
    Child 5: Tristan John Hastings (TJ)
    Child 6: Ruby Charlotte Hastings

    Kids: Parc, Boston, Kate, Georgia, and Quince
    Grandkids: Sophie, Pippa, Jasper, Benji, Jules, Freddie, Eliza, Simon, Violet, Bas, Christian, Duncan, Piers, Rhys, Phoebe, Zeke, Livvy, Finn, TJ, and Ruby
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Philippa Elinor ForbesPippa
    His Name: Andrew Carraway Forbes
    Where do you live? New York City

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    1. Girl: Elle Prima Forbes
    2. Girl: India Sage Forbes
    3. Boy: William Beck Forbes
    4. Boy: Turner Hugo Forbes
    5. Boy: Otis Miles Forbes

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}

    First Child: Elle Forbes Mercier
    Partner: Pierre Luke Mercier
    1. Boy: Philip Christian Mercier
    2. Boy: Leopold John Mercier “Leo
    3. Boy: Charles Theo Mercier
    4. Boy: Henry Lucas Mercier
    5. Girl: Adela Victoria Charlotte Mercier

    Second Child: India Forbes Jones
    Partner: Cooper Jacob Jones
    1. Boy: Jack Fox Jones
    2. Girl: Alice Lake Jones
    3. Boy: Hugh North Jones
    4. Girl: Lucy Eve Jones
    5. Boy: Adam Birch Jones
    6. Girl: Grace True JonesGracie

    Third Child: William Beck Forbes
    Partner: Madeline Frances Forbes
    1. Girl: Helena Beatrice Forbes
    2. Boy: George Anderson Forbes
    3. Girl: Maude Louisa Forbes
    4. Boy: Jasper Walker Forbes
    5. Boy: Ike Arthur Forbes

    Fourth Child: Turner Hugo Forbes
    Partner: Diana Elizabeth Forbes
    1. Girl: Fleur Imogen Forbes
    2. Boy: Rupert Olivier Forbes
    3. Boy: Callum Laurent Forbes
    4. Girl: Marguerite Lydia Forbes

    Fifth Child: Otis Miles Forbes
    Partner: Sadie Hannah Forbes
    1. Boy: Archibald Max ForbesArchie
    2. Boy: Simon Curtis Forbes
    3. Girl: Hazel Josephine Forbes

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    Tier 2 {Your Children}:
    Child One: DD: Fleur Aurelia
    Child Two: DS: Caspian River
    Child Three: DD: Margaret Wren
    Child Four: DD: Imogen Dove
    Child Five: DS: Harrison Eli "Harry"

    Tier 3 {Your Grandchildren}:

    First child: Fleur Aurelia
    Partner: Laurence Dorian
    Child One: DD: Sophia Beatrix
    Child Two: DS: Frederick Max "Freddie"

    Second Child: Caspian River
    Partner: Ciara Corrina
    Child One: DD: Rose Eve
    Child Two: DS: Leo Finn

    Third Child: Margaret Wren
    Partner: Ashley Rowan
    Child One: DD: Mabel Beatrice
    Child Two: DD: Josephine Grace "Effie"
    Child Three: DS: Max Arthur
    Child Four: DD: Madeleine Anna

    Fourth Child: Imogen Dove
    Partner: Phoenix Kian
    Child One: DS: Luca Mathis
    Child Two: DD: Lucienne Imogen "Lucy"
    Child Three: DD: Clemence Matilda "Clem"

    Fifth Child: Harrison Eli "Harry"
    Partner: Mae Rosamond
    Child One: DD: Juliet Nancy

    Fleur, Caspian, Margaret, Imogen & Harrison "Harry"

    Fleur & Laurence
    Sophia & Frederick "Freddie"

    Caspian & Ciara
    Rose & Leo

    Margaret & Ashley
    Mabel, Josephine "Effie", Max & Madeleine

    Imogen & Phoenix
    Luca, Lucienne "Lucy" & Clemence "Clem"

    Harrison "Harry" & Mae

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