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Thread: Family Tree

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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Jena Elise
    His Name: Heath William
    Where do you live? Wilmington, NC

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    Child One: Roux Atticus
    Child Two: Hudson Flint
    Child Three: Katherine Bree
    Child Four: Jensen Nash
    Child Five: Presley Drew [G]

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}
    First Child: Roux Atticus
    Partner: Natalie Paige
    Child One: Emma Charlotte

    Second Child: Hudson Flint
    Partner: Lauren Olivia
    Child One: Benjamin Grant
    Child Two: Joseph Lane
    Child Three: Andrew Knox

    Third Child: Katherine Bree
    Partner: Aaron Michael
    Child One: Georgia Grace
    Child Two: Quinn Walker

    Fourth Child: Jensen Nash
    Partner: Samantha Faith
    Child One: Elodie Clover
    Child Two: Luca Blaise

    Fifth Child: Presley Drew
    Partner: Ryan Thomas
    Child One: Caleb Daniel
    Child Two: Silas Andrew
    Child Three: Isaac Robert
    Child Four: Stella Rose
    Child Five: Miles Andrew
    Child Six: Jude Christian

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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Rain Charlotte
    His Name: Owen Vincent
    Where do you live? Miami

    Tier Two {Your Children}:

    Child One: Neige Priscilla

    Child Two: Israel River

    Child Three: Elizabeth Blue *Blue*

    Child Four: Alaia Marlowe

    Child Five: Axl Finn

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}

    First Child: Neige Priscilla
    Partner: Elias Camden
    6 children
    - boy: Adrian John
    - girl: Isabella Marie
    - boy: William Philip
    - boy: Edward Alexander
    - boy: Robert James
    - girl: Victoria Eloise

    Second Child: Israel River
    Partner: Vivian Camille
    3 children
    - boy: Daniel Seth
    - girl: Sarah Maeve
    - girl: Lucy Paige

    Third Child: Elizabeth Blue
    Partner: Uriel Michael
    4 children
    - girl: Eleanor Constance
    - girl: Josephine Rachel
    - girl: Dorothea Esther
    - girl: Susannah Ruth

    Fourth Child: Alaia Marlowe
    Partner: Jason Damian
    5 children
    - boy: Jasper Rainier
    - boy: Duncan Blaise
    - girl: Lea Maisie
    - boy: Alastair Etienne
    - boy: Rex Valentin

    Fifth Child: Axl Finn
    Partner: Sabrina Hope
    2 children
    - boy: Julian Christopher
    - girl: Rebecca Jane
    Pruod sister to:

    Annika, Europe, Dawn and Blue

    Favourite names:

    Shiloh, Savannah, Summer, Sarah, Juliette, Erin and Tayla

    Wyatt, Noah, Jesse, Tristan, Brody, Nicholas and Carter

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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Olivia Lynn, Liv
    His Name: Ryan Christo
    Where do you live? Laguna Beach, CA

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    (Roll for Gender; Even = Boy, Odd = Girl)
    Child One: Maison Remus
    First Name - Maison
    Middle Name - Remus

    Child Two: India Wren
    First Name - India
    Middle Name - Wren

    Child Three: Henry Gray
    First Name - Henry
    Middle Name - Gray

    Child Four: Cole Nash
    First Name - Cole
    Middle Name - Nash

    Child Five: Miles Reeve
    First Name - Miles
    Middle Name - Reeve

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}

    First Child: Maison Remus
    Partner: Bethany Ann
    {Roll dice for number of children}
    First Child: Eleanor Ingrid
    Second Child: Sophia Louise

    Second Child: India Wren
    Partner: Mark Lewis
    First Child: Lucy Fern

    Third Child: Henry Gray
    Partner: Hannah Rose
    First Child: Juliet Grace
    Second Child: Maya Ruth
    Third Child: Willa Claire
    Fourth Child: Finn Carter
    Fifth Child: Hunter Reed

    Fourth Child: Cole Nash
    Partner: Molly Elizabeth
    First Child: Lea Alice

    Fifth Child: Miles Reeve
    Partner: Georgia Leigh
    First child: Hazel Jane
    Second Child: Ruby Amelia
    Third Child: Nell Caroline

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    Tier One {You & DH}:
    Your Name: Marigold Mae
    His Name: Jude Michael

    Tier Two {Your Children}:
    Child One: Mirabelle Gaia
    Child Two: Camden Hawk
    Child Three: William Jude
    Child Four: Ansel Nash
    Child Five: Donovan Reeve

    Tier 3: {Your Grandchildren}

    First Child: Mirabelle Gaia
    Partner: Callen Brooks
    Margaret Elisabeth
    Catherine Amelia

    Second Child: Camden Hawk
    Partner: Tess Evelyn
    James Tate
    Anna Faye
    Emily Kate
    Claire Maeve
    Charles Penn

    Third Child: William Jude
    Partner: Hannah Violet
    Julian Walker
    Asher Edward
    Grace Eleanor
    Felix Josiah
    Ezra Reed

    Fourth Child: Ansel Nash
    Partner: Fallon Greer
    Lachlan Blaise

    Fifth Child: Donovan Reeve
    Partner: Penelope Quinn
    Oliver Douglas
    Lydia Rose
    Nora Josephine
    Mae Charlotte
    "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

    Dalai Lama

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    Southeastern USA
    Your Name: Jessica Daisy
    His Name: Bowie Francis
    Where do you live? Boulder, CO

    Child One: Bijou Octavia
    Partner: Philip Ray
    Girl: Dorothea Ines
    Girl: Clementina Alice
    Girl: Amelia Therese
    Boy: Leopold Felix
    Girl: Matilda Beatrix
    Boy: Edmund Casimir

    Child Two: Venezia Willow
    Partner: Arthur Jonas
    Boy: Adam Brock
    Boy: Francis Bear
    Boy: Victor Blue
    Boy: William Birch
    Girl: Rachel Blythe
    Girl: Edith Bird

    Child Three: Henry Flynn
    Partner: Anna-Jane Marie
    Boy: Quentin Alcott
    Boy: Sebastian Lowell
    Girl: Juliana Claire

    Child Four: Imogen Paz
    Partner: Lucifer Jack
    Girl: Salome Tamsin
    Boy: Balthazar Luc
    Girl: Faustine Ruby
    Boy: Inigo Blaise

    Child Five: Wyclef Miles
    Partner: Joycelyn Amber
    Girl: Lucy Charlotte
    Boy: Miles Patrick
    Boy: Jasper Charles
    Girl: Mariah Helen
    Girl: Stella Rose



    {Momma of Fiona Ryann & Michael Quentin & Sylvie Marion}

    Eulalie, Viveca, Gloria, Rosalie, Leila, Annabel, Irie, Daisy, Xaviera, Maeve
    Silas, Finnegan, Desmond, Ezra, Cedric, Felix, Lionel, Lazarus, Kai, Xavier


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