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    This posting is an old one from March 2012.
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    Yes my stepdaughters are Rhylee and Emmersyn are the most beautiful girls I have ever met they have been through a lot but they always seem to put themselves first even if they are only 7. Another thing is they are absolute tomboys and refuse to go shopping with me and they hate clothes and barbies and princesses. My little sister who's ten named Arianna loves anything ultra girly. Has anyone else noticed that.
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    I can't recall knowing anyone in real life that fell into the "girls with boy names" category. My only experience with such a thing is contestants on TV shows or documentaries. From that alone, it seems like the media is pushing for the female Ryans, Dales, Elliots, and so on to be the next walking Barbie dolls. Is this to compensate for a perfectly Rambo-esque name? For me, not so. It's seems more like a misguided attempt to be "different", albeit one that is not creative or unique.
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