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    I don't believe your name has anything to do with your personality. Your personality is decided by your genetics. I HATE boys names taken for girls, seeing that several of my favorite boy names have pretty much become girl names now (Quinn, Morgan, Avery).

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    Not a big fan of the trend in general, but there are some "unisex" names I don't mind or prefer on girls - Avery, for example. The ones I do like tend to be those with feminine sounds, -ley or -y endings, I don't like blatantly masculine names on girls. To me, Carter, Carson, Miller, etc don't have feminine appeal. Also,biblical male names that end in a - Micah, etc. I really only think of as male names, although that a ending encourages people to use them for girls.

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    I honestly LOVE boys names on girls. My name is Michael and I love it. I do go by nn Ellie but I still like Michael. I wish sometimes I was a Mike not an Ellie. I like Blake, Parker, Carter, Rory, Brody, Sutton, Rowan, Ryan, Elliott, Mason, Riley, Avery, and Finley on a girl. I cringe when I see some of these names on a little boy. LOL
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    My parents decided to name me "Brennon" like a boy, 23 years ago, and that was incredibly rare back then, i have never met a girl named Brennon, especially spelling it with an "o". So needless to say, i have been wanting to name my little girl with a boy's name since i was old enough to think about naming your kids (which was probably 10 or 11 years old haha). but now it has turned into a fad! even so... i still love the idea!!
    my name is Brennon.. but i do have a girl-friend whose name is "Johnnie" which i think is really cute!
    but my top fav boy names for a little girl has recently been "Blake" or "Brett".. but i do LOVE Parker and Quinn from a list i saw today! but i would love any suggestions...

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    I have a really feminine name, Olivia, and growing up I was a tomboy. Kind of an outcast, really. I never identified with my name, so I always was called Liv or Livi, and I liked Olive, since it was quirky. I still love Olive, much, much more than my actual name.
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