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    Strange reasons for a baby's name?

    Okay, I just had to share this and figure many of us have stories in this category. I would love to hear them!

    Here is mine:

    My son-in-law's younger sister and her SO already had one daughter (normal popular name) and were expecting their next. If it was a boy, he wanted a Junior. If it was a girl, they agreed to name her in honor of her mother, whose name is Bethxxx.

    The baby is named Gemini Justis. She was not born in June. Her MOTHER was born in June and that is why she chose the name. She chose because she like the way it sounded with Gemini.


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    Uh, hey, I'm a Gemini born in May! Some June babies are...I don't know, some other star sign. Who cares! (Gemini is clearly the only important one.)

    I don't really dig the name Gemini, but I think it's valid to use it on a non-Gemini baby, just as I think it's okay to use April, May, June, August, etc. for babies not born in those months.

    Some of the more interesting name stories I know of:

    - A Neil, originally named Andrew, whose father couldn't remember his name and kept referring to him as "Neil". I don't know if this was deliberate manipulation on his part (if so, well played, sir) or if he genuinely couldn't remember, but that always struck me as weird.

    - A Shanley whose parents planned to name her Shannon...until their friends had a daughter first and called her "Shannon".

    - My great-grandmother's middle name was Columbia because she was born in Chicago on the day the Chicago World's Fair (aka the World's Columbian Exposition) opened. Her first name was Leora, but that doesn't really have any kind of a story to it, as far as I know.

    - My uncle was named John because the doctor delivering him was named John and my grandma decided that it sounded nice.

    - My grandma was named Verlah because when my great-grandma was pregnant, she heard my great-grandpa call out "Hello, Verlah!" (or, more likely: "Hello, Verla!") to some woman on the street. My grandma hates her name and has always resented this.

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    My great aunt reported to her teacher in 1910 that 'Mammy's had the baby, it's a girl and we don't know what to call her'. Great Aunt Bridget's teacher then wrote down a name on a piece of paper and said 'call her this'. Which is how my grandmother came to be called Leontia! In defends of my great grand parents she was their 8th child.
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    My mother's name was chosen at random by her uncle because my grandparents were fighting so heatedly about the name. He just filled out the paper without telling them and gave it to the nurse. My grandma still calls my mom by the name she wanted to use (Dolly). I understand my grandmother's position though, my grandpa wanted to name my mom after an old girlfriend.
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    I was going to be named Kelsey, and it even got on the birth certificate, even though a name kept popping into my mom's head all throughout her pregnancy. Coincidentally, she ended up liking it much better. At the split second she trusted her gut and asked to change it. The nurse took white out over Kelsey, and instead of Kelsey Taylor, I ended up Olivia Taylor.
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