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    I would have to agree with you not considering that I have a unisex name I spend a great deal of time with my nieces and they have friends with unisex names that are wonderful little girls, full of spunk and fun, and they have friends with girly names that seem to be very bossy and controlling. I too am a firm believer in a name defines part of who you are. I think that a boys name on a girl is very spunky and maybe some of the spunk of their name comes out in their personalities. This is interesting to think about though, I don't know that I really would have made the connection. But when I am with my nieces and their friends, they are my neighbors so that is a lot of the time, I do prefer their friends with unisex names. I guess that could just be though too that I feel some sort of connection with them, since I have a unisex/boys name.
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    It's an interesting perspective. Certainly people theorize that boys with unisex/girlish names often overcompensate towards being overly macho, which can lead them either getting into trouble or channeling that into sports. I am not sure it always holds and is a bit of a generalization but it would be interesting to see if that effect was transparent in girls too, and there would be a bigger set to study.

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    I don't think your name influences your personality. I go to secondary school, and this is a little cross-section of personality/name:

    Good girls with feminine names: Several Emilys and an Emili, Cecily, Hannah, Arabella, Ellie (several Ellies, short for a variety of names), Michaela (she goes by Micky - does this count?), Louise, Aliyah, etc

    Mean girls with feminine names: Kimberly, Veronica (she goes by Ronnie - does this count?), another Emily, two Olivias in the year below, Beatrice

    Good girls with unisex names: Whitney, Meredith, Madison

    Mean girls with unisex names: Courtney, Drew, Kelsey, Taylor (I think it's spelled Tayla in her case, but I'm not certain.)

    I think they're all evenly matched. Take my highly unscientific observation with a pinch of salt, though - unisex names are uncommon where I live.
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    I've only ever met awful girls with boys names. In high school I knew a girl named Devon and she was pregnant by 16 and a huge b-word. The girls at the daycare I've taught with boys names were the ones always in trouble. Brooklyn Michael was always hurting people and in time out, and her mother, Toni, was kind of an awful woman.

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    I guess it is just my particular area, but it is also very trendy here so the odds favors them. The classes I see are almost 50/50 girls names to unisex names. Its not quite there yet but very close, of I course I only sub for one county so it could just be the county. I am also around so many of them that I get to see more of them anyone...

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