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    Am I weird for liking Jean more than Jane?

    I know that Jane gets a lot of love here, and is considered very stylish. I like Jane - a LOT, actually! - but lately I've been thinking about her similar sisters, Jean and Joan. I still don't think I'm a fan of Joan - she still sounds a bit frumpy and middle-aged. Jean, on the other hand, feels very fresh and unexpectedly pretty all of a sudden. What do you think, am I nuts?

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    I like both Jane and Jean. I agree with you on Joan.

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    You like what you like. Don't be sorry for it. Jean is very nice. I'm partial to it because it was my grandmother's name. Personally, I really hate Jane, and am on the fence about Joan.

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    I love Jane and Jean and June...but I guess I'm all alone in my love of Joan! Should I try to convince you?
    From Joan of Arc to Joan Jett to Joan Didion to Joan from Mad there a Joan out there that isn't awesome?
    And isn't nickname Joanie adorable?? And so much better than Joni (which just makes me think of high-pitched Joni Mitchell and looks to me like it would be pronounced Johnny and ends in an "I" which seems so dated to me)
    Anyways, Joan rules. At least for a middle, right?

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    I like Jane a little better, but I also think Jean is nice. In fact the more I think about it the more I like it. Too bad it doesn't go with my surname or I might think about it for my list.

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