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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkballerina View Post
    Allie reminds me of Allison Hamilton from The Notebook - Timeless imo
    Yes! This too! Love The Notebook!
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    I think it's better as a nickname....

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    I'm 16 and know a loooot of Allie/Ali/Ally etc.'s, and they're all either teenagers or little girls. To me that makes it seem like a name that's hard to picture on an adult even though I know it was popular in the past. I don't think Ellie being more fashionable than Allie makes Allie dated persay, but I do think it's going to be tied to the early 2000's later because there are so many of little Allie's these days. I still like it a lot though
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    I find Allie to be a very dated name, although besides that I have no issue with the name. But I do not find it timeless. I have a niece born in 2007 who was given the name Allison/Allie and I always wanted to tell my sister, "Dang girl, this isn't 1989!" But my sister never took much of an interest in names and had a hard time coming up with any. Her other daughters have very dated names, too. Names that were all popular in the 80s and 90s.

    Anyway, so no I don't find Allie to be timeless. I put it in the same category as Sarah, Jessica and Lisa.

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    For me, it is timeless. So cute. To me, it is in the same class of names like Kate and Claire. They are often names of characters in books and movies.

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