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    Allie - timeless! I've actually really been starting to like it as a nn, potentially for Alice or Althea. I went through a span of not liking it for several years (and preferring the Ally spelling), but I think it's so sweet and I've grown to really like it again. At one point, I was sure I was going to change my name to Alison Grace, nn Allie, haha. With such timeless Al- names as Alessandra, Allegra, Alice, Althea, Alina, etc., I definitely see it as being timeless! Very pretty.

    I know a little girl named Allie--just Allie--and she's the cutest! I'm thinking that's where my renewed interest for Allie came from, haha.
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    Sorry Ally is dated!

    Besides I don't see in any merit in it as a name; there are some gorgeous Al names that do not deserve to be downgraded to having "Ally" as a nickname.
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    I think Allie is timeless. Even though Ellie may be more trendy right now, Allie is still used for young girls (in addition to being a Mom's name, as you said). I think it is such a sweet, fun nickname! I prefer it as a nickname rather than a stand alone name, but do think it could work as a given name.

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    I was leaning toward more timeless, since it is a likely nn for many given names. I would love to hear some more opinions and please vote in the poll! :-)

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    A great friend of mine is an Alli, and she's in her late 20s so it does feel slightly dated to me, with Ali and Aly. But Allie is precious IMO, especially if you have a funkier full name to go along with it, like Alice or Alomeda :3

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