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    I really like Ally / Allie and I think that Allison is very pretty and more timeless than Ellie / Elly and Ellison. I know someone who just named their daughter Allison and I was surprised by how fresh it seemed. Allie is also beautiful for Alice or Althea ect...or Alan or Alexander for that matter (it makes me think of the dead brother in The Catcher in the Rye). My vote goes to 'timeless' and I put it in the same category as Amy or Sarah...yes a lot of them were born in 1984 but it totally works today just as well!

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    The name itself is timeless, but the Allie spelling is very dated imo.
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    Ally - not pretty
    Ali - too short
    Allie - gorgeous
    I am actually an Allison, and I've gone by Allison my whole life. I wish I went by Allie instead. Next chance I've got to start fresh, I'm going with Allie! Allie's so gorgeous!
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    I love Allie! If we have a little girl and name her Alaina, Allie/Alley Cat will be her nickname. I have only ever met one Allie and it seems fresh and sweet to me. Timeless for sure.
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    Allie reminds me of Allison Hamilton from The Notebook - Timeless imo

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